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Console.WriteLine("Enter text ('stop' to quit)."); do { Console.Write(": "); str = Console.ReadLine(); if(str != "stop") { str = str + "\r\n"; // add newline try { fstr_out.Write(str); } catch(IOException exc) { Console.WriteLine(exc.Message); break; } } } while(str != "stop"); fstr_out.Close(); } }
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If you want to be specific about a type of juice, use de + the name of the fruit: el jugo de naranja (orange juice). The Spanish usually drink wine with dinner. The wines you might order include the following:
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The mechanical model consists of
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Console.WriteLine("{0:00##.#00}", 21.3);
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Figure 20-7: The omnidirectional antenna The cell sites using the omnidirectional antenna are supported by a single antenna for both send and receive operations. These devices cover the full 360-degree site independently. One transmit antenna is used for each radio frame at the site (one frequency group per radio frame). Two receive antennas distribute the receive signal to every radio, providing diversity reception for every receiver at the site. Due to the site s ability to receive signals from all directions, transmissions from neighboring sites may interfere with the site s reception. When interference reaches unacceptable levels, the site is usually sectorized to eliminate its ability to receive interfering information. Sectoring may also come into play when the site becomes so congested that the omnidirectional antennae cannot support the operations.
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