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Network-wide SS7 monitoring and real-time, centralized reporting for early warning of revenue-threatening conditions. Graphical display of critical information, for a clear view of key network information. Nonintrusive connection to the SS7 network that does not impact SS7 network reliability. Nondependence on network elements such as switches, so it can provide networkwide, independent results. Alarm management, protocol analysis, and call trace provide the ability to troubleshoot network problems. Call detail record collection to facilitate usage billing, fraud detection/control, etc.
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Note that all of the following expressions are followed by que and another clause.
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Subconfiguration mode command.
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Conceptually, the sample array looks like this:
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LINQ Fundamentals
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Relational Database Design The measures o f performance are too detailed to estimate by hand except for simple sit uations. C o m p l e x optimization software calculates estimates using detailed cost formulas. The optimization software is usually part o f the SQL compiler. Understanding the nature o f the performance measure helps one to interpret choices made by the optimization software. For most choices in physical database design, the amounts o f main m e m o r y and disk space are usually fixed. In other words, main m e m o r y and disk space are constraints o f the physical database design process. A s with constraints in other optimization problems, you should consider the effects o f changing the given amounts o f main m e m o r y and disk space. Increasing the amounts o f these resources can improve performance. The amount o f per formance improvement may depend on many factors such as the D B M S , the table design, and the applications using the database.
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The Edit option performs several editor operations. Figure 28-4 shows the available options.
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// This function can throw NO exceptions! void Xhandler(int test) throw() { /* The following statements no longer work. Instead, they will cause an abnormal program termination. */ if(test==0) throw test; if(test==1) throw 'a'; if(test==2) throw 123.23; }
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Although Orange Book speci es how information should be recorded during multiple sessions (essentially appending data to a disc that contains data from earlier sessions), playback issues on some equipment remain unresolved. In other words, you may create a multi-session disc following all the rules of Orange Book, but that disc may still be unreadable by drives that are supposed to be multi-session compatible or PhotoCD compatible or CD-ROM XA compatible. This issue is discussed in more detail later in this section.
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Pointer variables must be declared as such. The general form of a pointer variable declaration is type *var-name; Here, type is the pointer s base type; it must be a valid C++ type. var-name is the name of the pointer variable. For example, to declare p to be a pointer to an integer, use this declaration:
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