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Autonomous Robots
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Shaping commands work on vector objects in CorelDRAW X4, but do not apply to bitmap objects. If a bitmap is selected as part of a collection of selected objects, the shaping commands are not available.
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Arrays and Strings
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This line begins the Main( ) method. As mentioned earlier, in C#, a subroutine is called a method. As the comment preceding it suggests, this is the line at which the program will begin executing. All C# applications begin execution by calling Main( ). The complete meaning of each part of this line cannot be given now, since it involves a detailed understanding of several other C# features. However, since many of the examples in this book will use this line of code, we will take a brief look at it here. The line begins with the keyword static. A method that is modified by static can be called before an object of its class has been created. This is necessary because Main( ) is called at program startup. The keyword void indicates that Main( ) does not return a value. As you will see, methods can also return values. The empty parentheses that follow Main indicate that no information is passed to Main( ). Although it is possible to pass information into Main( ), none is passed in this example. The last character on the line is the {. This signals the start of Main( ) s body. All of the code that comprises a method will occur between the method s opening curly brace and its closing curly brace. The next line of code is shown here. Notice that it occurs inside Main( ).
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Shore-power connection
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10: Biometric Standards
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Technology Primer
Make sure the Rulers are visible; they re where a lot of the guides live. With the Pick Tool chosen, and no objects selected, right-click and then choose to View | Rulers. Then, using any Toolbox tool you like, click-drag beginning on a Ruler, and release the mouse button anywhere in the workspace. Although dropping a guide on the page is most useful, you can certainly create a guide on the pasteboard area to measure and align objects not currently placed on the page. To move a place guide, you need the Pick Tool selected. Then hover the cursor over the guide you d like to move; when the cursor turns into a double-headed arrow, you re all set and all you need to do is drag the guide. If you want to eliminate a guide, hover over it with the Pick Tool until you see the double-headed arrow cursor (to indicate you ve selected it), click the guide to confirm the guide is in focus in the interface, and then press DELETE or CTRL+X. If you need a guide that travels up- or downhill, you create a guide first. Next click it to select it, and then click a second time, and you ll see a center and rotation handles. One of the neat things about rotating a guideline is that you can move its center point before dragging on the rotation handles to, for example, rotate a guide around the corner of a shape you have on the page. You move a slanted guideline exactly as you do with a perfectly horizontal or vertical guide you click-drag it to reposition it. See Figure 6-11, where the design needs shafts of light emanating from a center point that is not the default center of a guide that s put into slant mode. No problem; you change the center of rotation, then drag a rotation handle clockwise or counterclockwise.
Once you ve gone to the effort of selecting or editing a texture fill to suit your needs, you may wish to save it for later retrieval. To save a texture, click the + button to the right of the Texture Library selector drop-down list. You ll then be prompted in the Save Texture As dialog for the name of your texture (type any name you like), and for the name of the library in which you want the texture saved. Click a library name found in the drop-down list, click OK, click OK in the Texture Fill dialog, and your custom texture is ready to be applied to the selected object.
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Texture Fountain
2. What measures 3. Which dimensions
Figure 17-7: Repeater space can be rented from other suppliers. This assuages the fact that line-of-sight is a major drawback. Anyone who has ever negotiated right-of-way for fiber knows how tedious that can be. With fiber, the right-ofway includes the entire physical length of the cable or conduit required for the connection. With microwave, the concern is limited to a few physical points where the dish placement will occur and a few legal issues. Another perceived drawback of microwave, aside from price and line-of-sight, has to do with getting and maintaining the license to use. Licensing is a protection for the end user. It is a tedious process that provides structure and prevents interference and overlays in the frequency spectrum. Most organizations see this as a step for governmental control, but if a conflict arises, it can be the salvation for the licensed user. License gives you the right to use a good, clear transmission path, and that is definitely positive. The FCC is quite efficient in approving licenses for private users, and spectrum is readily available for point-to-point applications. Licensing involves contracting someone to do a frequency search and filing a FCC license application. The frequency search is to find unused, available frequencies. Those frequencies are then reserved and filed, along with other pertinent data, on the appropriate FCC form. The process is normally completed within a few days, and it can cost $2,000 to have your vendor handle it for you. An experienced vendor can usually assure that the FCC will grant your license by avoiding amateurish mistakes. The 23 GHz frequency band, for example, is a very common frequency band for shorthaul, private-user microwave systems. Most people confuse the band with the actual operating frequency. The 23GHz band actually consists of 24 pairs of frequencies, ranging between 21.200 and 23.600 GHz. The number can be doubled to 48 pairs of frequencies with minor antenna changes (changing polarization from vertical to horizontal).
After the MTSO has determined which base station will be the new host for the call, it will then select a channel and direct the new base station to set up a talk path for the call. This is all done in the background. An idle channel is set up in parallel between the base station and MTSO.
the Guides layer, and then choose Properties from the pop-up menu. Doing this opens the Guides Properties dialog to reveal further options, as shown here:
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