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The name and Security ID given to a server when it is installed and added to a server farm generally remains unchanged, but the server can be renamed, if necessary. To rename a server in a farm, complete the following steps: 1. In the Presentation Server Console, select the check box in the Add Administrators Wizard to add local administrators to the Citrix Administrator node and select Full Administration from the Select Tasks screen. 2. Use chglogon/disable to prevent users from logging into the server. 3. Remove the server to be renamed from published applications assigned to that server. 4. Stop the IMA service. 5. Change the name of the server. 6. Restart the server. 7. Log on to Presentation Server Console using the local administrator account. 8. Expand the Servers folder. 9. Remove the old server name from the Presentation Server Console s list of servers. 10. Add the new server name to the list of configured servers for published applications.
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Step 4: Program Design
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upward (downward is okay, too); you re now constraining rotation to the X axis of the object.
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if(b is A) Console.WriteLine("b is an A because it is derived from A");
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Figure 23-2 shows three creative examples of using the Emboss effect; the fourth, at lower right, is an unsuccessful attempt, intended to show you the undesired result of setting the Offset value higher than is artistically correct.
are designed to be sensitive to the finger s temperature or pulse, and face or eye recognition systems may require the user to move while it takes its readings. A voice recognition system could require Cathy to recite a different phrase each time she logs in; this would prevent Henry from simply recording her voice and editing her own words to match a preset authentication phrase. While these techniques increase the cost and complexity of the biometric systems, they help make them more reliable. Theft is primarily a problem faced by authentication devices such as password tokens and smart cards. Biometrics aren t often subject to physical theft, since that would involve the removal of body parts. The most common defense against device theft is, of course, to associate a PIN with the device. If Henry steals Cathy s smart card, he shouldn t be able to use it because he shouldn t know her PIN and he shouldn t be able to guess it. Some devices incorporate biometrics, usually a fingerprint reader, which either substitutes for the PIN or operates in conjunction with it. Although theft isn t usually a problem with biometrics, an inevitable question heard at every Introduction to Biometrics seminar is this: What happens if they cut off my finger to try to access my ATM account The problem is similar to that of replication and it is addressed using similar techniques, as described in the previous section. The challenge-response procedure described earlier serves as the model for how most systems resist digital spoofing attacks. Instead of simply transmitting a base secret between a workstation and a server, the workstation uses the base secret to construct a nonrepeating authenticator value. Password-based systems such as Microsoft s Windows domain login mechanism use such an approach, and it is also the basis of all password tokens, smart cards, and other authentication devices. Biometrics must take a different approach, however. Since biometric systems perform approximate matches, the authenticator must incorporate the actual biometric measurements collected by the sensor. To prevent digital spoofing, a biometric reader typically uses cryptographic techniques so that the verification procedure can confirm that the data came from the biometric reader. If the biometric reading is simply being used to authenticate the person (verification), and not being used to detect duplicate enrollments (identification), an alternative is to use the biometric as a substitute for a device PIN as described in the previous section.
The application executes. The application executes.
FIGURE 7.19.
Figure 32.5 Network management encompasses aspects of both physical topology and network operations. Desktop management refers to workstations, such as PCs, micro- and minicomputers, where end users actually access network resources. Device management refers to interconnect devices, such as routers and bridges, that enable traffic to be transferred accurately from one place in the network to another. Application management refers to the business software that resides on servers throughout the network, enabling end users to perform diverse and numerous business tasks that require computing resources. Systems management refers to centralized computing resources, like servers, that provide the horsepower for the network and for applications to be made accessible to all users on a network. Network management refers to the management of the traffic on the communication lines.
Notice that eight clientless/thin-client connections are established on the ASA. You can log off a WebVPN user by using the following command:
This code fragment prints 0.625 for the mantissa and 4 for the exponent:
{ int x; // local to main() x = 10; func(); cout << "\n"; cout << x; // displays 10 return 0; } void func() { int x; // local to func() x = -199; cout << x; // displays -199 } A local variable is known only to the function in which it is declared.
Power Source: Flash Characteristics:
SDH and SONET Analyzers SDH and SONET Analyzers
chapter 9 p r o t e i n B i o p h y s i c s
SELECT sum(Shop_facts.Amount_sold), Calendar_year_lookup.Month_Name, Outlet_Lookup.Shop_name, Article_lookup.Article_code FROM Shop_facts, Calendar_year_lookup, Article_lookup, Outlet_Lookup WHERE ( Shop_facts.Article_code=Article_lookup.Article_code ) AND ( Calendar_year_lookup.Week_key=Shop_facts.Week_key AND ( Shop_facts.Shop_code=Outlet_Lookup.Shop_code ) GROUP BY Calendar_year_lookup.Month_Name, Outlet_Lookup.Shop_name, Article_lookup.Article_code
Grouping w i t h R o w Conditions Summarize the average GPA of upper-division (junior or senior) students by major.
This section focuses on security concerns for the Citrix Password Manager Agent, otherwise known as the client side installation.
What about this caused your strong reaction Tell me more about how you typically react in these situations. When you have these reactions, what else is going on inside you
To catch an exception, it must be thrown from within a try block.
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