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Object-Oriented System Development
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EPONs have very specific security requirements due to the broadcast character of the transmission medium. The downstream broadcast channel is potentially available to any party interested in eavesdropping, since, in principle, this only requires disabling the LLID filtering rules at the ONU and operating the module in a so-called promiscuous mode with access to all downstream data flows. It is expected that service providers, using EPONs as a base for delivery of triple-play services, will ensure sufficient levels of subscriber data privacy. It is necessary, therefore, that EPON have effective countermeasures for eavesdropping (either global or local) and theft of service (ToS),
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The first part of the book provides some useful background and detail about Carrier Ethernet. In 1, Ethernet, its origins, and eventually its dominance in the LAN and how it evolved into Carrier Ethernet, is described. 2 introduces Carrier Ethernet and its enablers formally, and 3 provides market data from both the standpoint of Ethernet services and the underlying vendor solutions to demonstrate the significance of Carrier Ethernet. The second part of the book covers the various commercial solutions that are presently employed to deliver carrier-class Ethernet. It discusses all the major solutions available for Service Providers and highlights the technology underpinning the solution, the benefits of the solution, and how it is evolving. A balanced treatment in the technical and business realities of each of the solutions is offered. Each of the solutions is covered in its own chapter that is authored by an industry renowned expert and can be read independently of any other chapter without impacting its understanding. The final part of the book summarizes and puts into context the landscape of the many, very different solutions discussed in the previous section. This is meant to provide the reader with a good understanding of the different solutions and their fit in relation to each other. Finally, we share our opinion on how the world of Carrier Ethernet will evolve in the next few years. In so doing, the book attempts to provide practical and reasonably detailed insights into the landscape of available solutions in a burgeoning field and how they may evolve. Any feedback is welcome and can be sent to
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9. What symptom should you look for to determine whether you have a layer 2 loop A. B. C. D. High number of broadcast and/or multicast frames High port utilization User switch interfaces dropping and reconnecting Port address tables not being updated
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Version II Wireless X10 Motion Sensor (Photo courtesy
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FTP Operation
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Photo by Evan Flournoy
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ntennas and Shielding
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Another method of monitoring the resources and data on the XenApp server farm is to use the monitoring tools that come with XenApp Server. These tools are Resource Manager and the Access Management Console snap-ins. Administrators can use these tools to help collect, display, store, and report data about performance, user activity, and application or process use. Here are some common uses for these tools: Monitoring servers Monitoring the server farm Identifying, diagnosing, and solving problems Gauging and justifying future resources
The plug is a number that appears on either side of the balance sheet and serves to make both sides equal. From our discussion in the last chapter, we can think of the balance sheet in visual terms, and the purpose of the plug is to make both sides of the balance sheet equal in height. If it is on the left hand side of the balance sheet, let s call the plug Surplus funds. If it is on the other side, then we call the plug a Necessary to finance. There are other terms we can use for these two plugs. For Surplus funds, or SF for short, we can well call it Excess cash. This is to make a distinction from the account called cash, which is not a plug number but a specified entry. However, as the two terms Excess cash and Cash appear similar, I like to call the plug item Surplus funds to make the distinction more clear. For Necessary to finance, another term can be Revolver (a revolver is a debt facility that keeps being renewed, or revolved). However, this glosses over the fact that this new funding required on the right-hand side is not always necessarily debt. The funding need can well be for new equity. For this reason, the term Necessary to finance, or NTF for short, is closer to the concept that this is really only a funding requirement.
GFC VPI VCI VCI HEC Cell Payload (48 octets)
public static bool CopyInsert<T>(T e, uint idx, T[] src, T[] target) where T : class {
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the style currently selected in the Outline Style selector) to return to the Outline Pen dialog. New styles are added to the bottom of the selector list.
from the corporate Citrix XenApp server farm will be fully supported from the CME Omaha farm, with no additional configuration or work following the failover. User access to these applications becomes the remaining hurdle. All CME branch offices have Internet (MPLS) connections into the CME Denver data center. CME has also defined that all of the Denver Tier 1 and Tier 2 users who may have been displaced from the disaster will have access from their home Internet connections (assuming, of course, that Denver s Telco infrastructure has not been rendered unavailable by the disaster). Thus, all users will have full access to the CME Omaha backup data center through the Internet. Because CME decided to front-end all their Internet-facing sites with Citrix NetScalers, users will not have to worry about how they access the backup resources at CME Omaha. NetScaler provides site-to-site load balancing using the GSLB feature. This provides for immediate access and negates the problem of propagation delays in repointing both public DNS resources and BGP routing tables to claim the corporate identity at CME Omaha. Within seconds, the BGP and DNS changes will have gone into effect, allowing remote users access through the standard Internet-accessible URL. In addition to remote user access, some employees will need co-located office space. CME Omaha was designed with sufficient capacity in the form of WLAN hardware and prepositioned access switches to support temporary users from other locations.
Citrix Access Suite 4 Advanced Concepts: The Official Guide
You can add text to any image you edit with Photoshop Elements. You can add text to an image that will become a greeting card, poster, or framed artwork. You can create vertical or horizontal text using any font currently installed on your system.
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