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static X IncrA(X obj) { X temp = new X(); temp.Val = obj.Val + 1; return temp; } // This method returns Y and has a Y parameter. static Y IncrB(Y obj) { Y temp = new Y(); temp.Val = obj.Val + 1; return temp; } static void Main() { Y Yob = new Y(); // In this case, the parameter to IncrA // is X and the parameter to ChangeIt is Y. // Because of contravariance, the following // line is OK. ChangeIt change = IncrA; X Xob = change(Yob); Console.WriteLine("Xob: " + Xob.Val); // In the next case, the return type of // IncrB is Y and the return type of // ChangeIt is X. Because of covariance, // the following line is OK. change = IncrB; Yob = (Y) change(Yob); Console.WriteLine("Yob: " + Yob.Val); } }
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Two Simple Commands
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When a base class is inherited as private, all members of that class (public, protected, or private) become private members of the derived class. However, in certain circumstances, you may want to restore one or more inherited members to their original access specification. For example, you might want to grant certain public members of the base class public status in the derived class, even though the base class is inherited as private. You have two ways to accomplish this. First, you may use a using declaration within the derived class. This is the method recommended by Standard C++ for use in new code. However, a discussion of using is deferred until later in this book when namespaces are examined. (The primary reason for using is to provide support for namespaces.) The second way to adjust access to an inherited member is to employ an access declaration. Access declarations are still supported by Standard C++, but they have recently been deprecated, which means that they should not be used for new code. Since they are still used in existing code, a discussion of access declarations is presented here. An access declaration takes this general form: base-class::member;
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The only problem you may encounter when shooting images with available light is that one side of your subject s face may be in deep shadow. This problem is exacerbated if you re relying solely on window light and the room in which you are photographing is dark. You could turn on a light, but then you re dealing with light sources that have different color temperatures, and your camera may have a hard time getting the white balance correct. The solution is to reflect some light into the shadowed areas of the scene. You can purchase a reflector from a local camera store, or you can build one yourself. If you purchase one from a camera store, you ll need a 42-inch round reflector if you re photographing the person from head to toe. If you re only photographing the person s head and shoulders, you can get by with a 22-inch reflector. Reflectors are white, silver, or gold. You can also create your own reflector by purchasing a large piece of white poster board or a piece of Styrofoam. Figure 6-4 shows an assistant aiming a 42-inch reflector at the subject to be photographed. The reflector has white fabric on one side and gold on the other. The reflector fabric unzips and is reversible. The reverse fabric colors are black (which is used to deepen shadows) and silver. The reflector collapses and fits in a 16-inch diameter bag.
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Parallel furrow pattern Globules (white boxes) Skin furrows (black arrows) Hyperpigmentation (stars) Skin ridges (yellow arrows) Lattice-like pattern (white lines)
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C:\Program Files\Business Objects\BusinessObjects Enterprise 11.5\win32_x86\dataAccess\ConnectionServer\RDBMS
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This chapter initially described the role of databases in information systems and the nature f database development process. Information systems are collections of related components that produce data for decision making. Databases provide the permanent memory for information systems. Development of an information system involves a repetitive process of analysis, design, and implementation. Database development occurs in all phases of systems development. Because a database is often a crucial part of an information system, database development can be the dominant part of information systems development. Development of the processing and environment interaction components are often performed after the database development. Cross-checking between the database and applications is the link that connects the database development process to the information systems development process. After presenting the role of databases and the nature of database development, this chap ter described the goals, phases, and tools of database development. The goals emphasize both the information content of the database as well as efficient implementation. The phases of database development first establish the information content of the database and then find an efficient implementation. The conceptual data modeling and logical database design phases involve the information content of the database. The distributed database de sign and physical database design phases involve efficient implementation. Because devel oping databases can be a challenging process, computer-aided software engineering (CASE) tools have been created to improve productivity. CASE tools can be essential in helping the database designer to draw, document, and prototype the database. In addition, some CASE tools provide active assistance with analyzing a database design. This chapter provides a context for the chapters in Parts 3 and 4. You might want to reread this chapter after completing the chapters in Parts 3 and 4. The chapters in Parts 3 and 4 provide details about the phases of database development. s 5 and 6 present details of the Entity Relationship Model, data modeling practice using the Entity Relation ship Model, and conversion from the Entity Relationship Model to the Relational Model. 7 presents normalization techniques for relational tables. 8 presents physical database design techniques.
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120 VAC device
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important, because transcription and replication involve unwinding a lot of base pairs. As we unwind more and more base pairs to transcribe or replicate the DNA, positive supercoils form in front of the replication (or transcription) fork. As we unwind more and more double helix, more and more superhelix forms in the still wound portions of the molecule. Bending the axis of the double helix requires energy, and if we bend it enough it could eventually break or at least encounter steric hindrances. The cell has to somehow reduce this positive supercoiling, and it does so with the aid of enzymes called topoisomerases. Topoisomerases are enzymes that change the level of supercoiling in DNA by changing the linking number Lk. Individual DNA molecules that are identical except for Lk are called topoisomers (short for topological isomers).
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Appendix A About the Disc Appendix B Reference Data Appendix C Related Standards and Specifications Appendix D References and Information Sources Glossary Index
chapter 11 M e M B r a n e B i o p h y s i c s
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