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A plot of the voltage is shown in Fig. 6-5. What should you notice about the plot The important characteristic of the plot is that the voltage rises up to a constant value, when it attains v(t) = 0.3 V When the voltage becomes . constant, notice, by looking at (6.4), that no more current ows through the capacitor. To nd the charge on the capacitor as a function of time, we apply equation (6.1) 3 3 (1 e 2t ) = (1 e 2t ) C 10 2
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Exam Readiness Checklist
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An FET works something like a semiconductor implementation of a relay. An FET has two leads, known as the source and the drain, connected to a channel of semiconductor material. The composition of the material is such that current cannot normally flow through it. A third lead, called the gate, is connected to a conductive electrode that lies on top of the semiconductor junction but is insulated from it by a thin non-conducting layer. When voltage is applied to the third electrode, it creates an electric field that rearranges the electrons in the semiconductor junction. With the field present, current is able to flow between the source and drain pins. When the gate is driven to a low voltage, the electric field reverses and current is unable to flow. The FET acts as a voltage-controlled switch, where an applied voltage to the gate will control the current flow between the drain and source. The layer of insulation between the gate and the source/drain channel must be very thin for sufficient field strength to reach from the gate into the semiconductor channel. This thinness makes the FET vulnerable to being damaged by too high a voltage. If the voltage between either the drain or source and the gate exceeds the breakdown voltage of the insulation layer, it will punch a hole through the layer and short the gate to the motor or battery circuit. This can be caused by connecting the FET up to too high a voltage, or simply by zapping the FET circuit with static electricity. You should be careful when handling FETs and attached electronics to avoid accidentally discharging static electricity into them. It is also good practice to use FETs with a voltage rating of twice the battery voltage you wish to run your motors on to avoid the possibility of inductive spikes momentarily exceeding the FET breakdown rating. When using an FET as a high-current PWM switch, it is important that you switch the gate from the off voltage to the on voltage as quickly as possible. When at an intermediary state, the FET will act as a resistor, conducting current inefficiently and generating heat. Commercial PWM FET-based controllers use specialized high-current driver chips to slam the FET gates from low to high voltage and back as quickly as possible, minimizing the time spent in the lousy intermediary state. The power that can be switched by an FET is fundamentally limited by heat buildup. Even when fully in the on state, an FET has a slight resistance. Heat buildup in the FET is proportional to the resistance of the semiconductor channel times the square of the current flowing through it. The resistance of the semiconductor channel increases with its temperature so once an FET begins to overheat, its efficiency will drop; and if the heat cannot be sufficiently carried away by the environment, it will generate more and more heat until it self-destructs. This is known as thermal runaway. A FET s power-switching capacity can be improved by removing
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n o t e If you are going to use this type of switch, use the variety that uses the conductive electrolyte instead of Mercury. Mercury is a poisonous and an environmentally hazardous material. Most competitions have a rule clause that prohibits dangerous materials.
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// Use public properties to set and get private members. using System; // A class for two-dimensional objects.
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Digital Telecommunications Basics 44 Introduction to Network Technologies and Performance
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cout << "Resulting sequence:\n"; p = lst.begin(); while(p != endp) { cout << *p << " "; p++; } return 0; }
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Join T w o Tables Using t h e Join Operator Style Retrieve the name, city, and grade of students w h o have a high grade (greater than or equal to 3.5) in a course offering.
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1st Commission Rate 2nd Commission Rate
The following output is produced:
out a layer 2 local broadcast with the encapsulated ARP packet to discover the layer 3 address of a destination on the same segment or broadcast domain.
_ _value specifies a class that is represented as a value type. A value type holds its own values. This differs from a _ _gc type, which must allocate storage through the use of new. Value types are not subject to garbage collection.
Several religious groups criticize biometrics on the ground that individuals are forced to sacrifice a part of themselves to a godless monolith in the form of the State. For example, certain Christians interpret biometrics to be a mark of the beast, an objection based on language in the New Testament s Revelation : [The Beast] causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save that he had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. And his number is six hundred, threescore, and six (Revelation, 13:16 18). Certain Christians consider biometrics to be the brand discussed in Revelation and biometric readers as the only means of viewing these brands. For example, stressing that the Bible says the time is going to come when you cannot buy or sell except when a mark is placed on your head or forehead, fundamentalist Christian Pat Robertson has expressed doubts about biometrics and has noted how the technology is proceeding according to scripture. And at least one religious group has complained that the hand geometry devices used by California were making the mark of the beast on enrollees hands.
The operation of the nonrecursive fact( ) should be clear. It uses a loop starting at 1 and ending at the number, and progressively multiplies each number by the moving product. The operation of the recursive factr( ) is a little more complex. When factr( ) is called with an argument of 1, the function returns 1; otherwise it returns the product of factr(n 1) * n. To evaluate this expression, factr( ) is called with n 1. This happens until n equals 1 and the calls to the function begin returning. Computing the factorial of 2, the first call to factr( ) causes a second call to be made with the argument of 1. This call returns 1, which is then multiplied by 2 (the original n value). The answer is then 2. You might find it interesting to insert printf( ) statements into factr( ) to show the level and the intermediate answers of each call.
The C# Language
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