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The Connection Properties dialog box can control data refreshes, cube formatting options, and the number of records to retrieve when drilling through, among other options.
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# supports three types of comments. The first two are // and /* */. The third type is based on XML tags and is called a documentation comment. (The term XML comment is also commonly used.) A single-line documentation comment begins with ///. A multiline documentation comment begins with /** and ends with */. Documentation comments precede the declaration of such things as classes, namespaces, methods, properties, and events. Using documentation comments, you can embed information about your program into the program itself. When you compile the program, you can have the documentation comments placed into an XML file. Documentation comments can also be utilized by the IntelliSense feature of Visual Studio.
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Web site: geocities.com/vceaa Contact: Bruce Tucker <tuckerb2@adelphia.net> (805) 495-1026 Mailing: 283 Bethany Court, Thousand Oaks, CA 91360-2013 Meetings: Please contact Bruce for time and location
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syntax. Each value in the list is passed, in order, to the constructor function as each element in the array is created. For example, here is a program that initializes an array:
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LDP Messages LDP offers four categories of messages:
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Test Set
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The reason for having both modes is to allow for different creative scenarios. However, there is a slight performance hit when using the source-over mode. Since the images have to be composited together, additional processing power is required inside the player. As a result, the source-over drawing speed is slower than using source mode and this should be considered during any application development.
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This program prints both the local time and the Greenwich mean time of the system:
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join set
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Aggregate tables are summary tables that allow for faster queries.
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The following screen shows a sample Oracle strategy for defining joins based on database constraints:
AC Load Calculations
There are two interesting things in this program. First, notice how the program confirms that a command-line argument is present by checking the length of args. If the number of arguments is incorrect, execution is terminated. This confirmation is very important and can be generalized. When a program relies on there being one or more command-line arguments, it must always confirm that the proper arguments have been supplied. Failure to do this will often lead to a program crash! Second, notice how the program returns a termination code. If the required command line is not present, then 1 is returned, indicating abnormal termination. Otherwise, 0 is returned when the program ends.
Asymmetry of color and structure Multicomponent global pattern (1,2,3) Irregular dots and globules (circles) Regression (stars) Reticular depigmentation (boxes)
Note how the revised version lists the four measures and describes how the total grade will be calculated. Shelley s former draft was nonspeci c and vague. How did your revision compare EXERCISE 13: Add Speci city to Increase Reader Understanding Van, vice president of a nance company, needed to send an E-mail to alert managers that budget cuts were going to be instituted. Read Van s opening sentence below and revise it by adding speci c facts, numbers, or examples to improve clarity and increase credibility. Use your imagination to make up relevant speci cs, then compare your revision to the three alternatives that Van came up with. Van s E-mail began, In anticipation of a nancial slowdown, every manager is expected to develop contingency plans. How did you revise the sentence Here are Van s alternatives:
Figure 1-1. Shifting Our Paradigms from Self-Deprivation to Abundant Living
Analysis & Acquistion System
An element is very similar to a component of a 3D model; the two words may be used interchangeably.
Many middle and senior managers are program managers, even if they don t have program manager in their title or job description. Any manager who is responsible for the execution of multiple concurrent projects, particularly if those projects are helping the organization get closer to common objectives, is a program manager.
+ 70' + 40'
Figure 4.1 shows the plots of curves. Note that the acceleration curve has a discontinuity at the end points for dwell-rise-dwell action which is unacceptable for high-speed cams.
Fig. 4.21 Isolation Diode
EBIT Margin The EBIT margin is the percentage of sales that the company can make after paying other operating expenses such as SG&A (sales, general, and administrative expenses). This is also called operating margin. EBITDA Margin The EBITDA margin is the percentage of sales that the company can make on the EBITDA basis, with the noncash depreciation and amortization expenses added to the EBIT measure. Net Margin The net margin is the percentage of sales that the company clears after payments of taxes. Sales/(Accounts Receivables Inventory Net Fixed Assets) This ratio shows the relationship between sales and the operating and investment assets. (Receivables, inventory, and net fixed assets are often called the core assets.) Accounts receivable is an operating investment, essentially the amount of cash invested in customers who have not paid for their purchases. Likewise, inventory represents the investment in the amount of goods already purchased and kept in storage ready for production. Net fixed assets are the capital equipment required to produce the company s products, net of depreciation. Return on Average Common Equity The return on average common equity, sometimes just called return on equity (ROE), is based on the average of the starting and ending common equity for the year. (The starting common equity is equivalent to the ending number for the prior year.) This is because the earnings accrue over the year, so the return should be calculated over the common equity level that holds over the same period. The average of the beginning and ending numbers is the best proxy for this.
This program generates the following output:
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