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5. You can remove the cell borders by selecting both cells in the Report window (use CTRL-click to select both footer cells); from within the Report Manager, you can select and format only one cell at a time. 6. From the toolbar, click the No Border button.
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A Citrix application delivery infrastructure is about the delivery of applications. It is therefore crucial that all relevant information about the hosted applications be identified.
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Configuration Quad Processor Quad Processor (HT enabled)
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Social The platform enables the Service Cloud to connect to leading social networking sites such as Facebook, community forums, blogs, and more. Through these connections, companies will be able to funnel this information directly into their knowledge base. The Service Cloud ensures that the company s knowledge base has the most up-to-date support information sourced from community experts. Search More times than not, customers begin with a Google search to find answers to their questions. By creating an active online community with the Service Cloud, companies can ensure that their site is one of the top results returned in a customer s search. It is through the power of Sites that the expert knowledge of the community is made available in search engine results. Partners Using the Service Cloud, companies can now share all of the information in the knowledge base quickly and easily with their partners. Cloud computing s unique model has enabled to easily and securely connect separate Salesforce CRM deployments, allowing companies to share cases, contacts, and company information, without the need for complex integration software. Phone, email, and chat The Service Cloud will give agents access to knowledge in the cloud, regardless if they use phones, email, or chat to service customers. By providing the contact center with the same knowledge found in the community, the Service Cloud ensures that the quality and cost of service across every channel is strengthened by the expertise of the community. The Service Cloud utilizes the latest capabilities, including Sites, for Facebook, and more to uniquely join together knowledge and conversations regardless of where they take place online. The Service Cloud also taps into the power of more than 100 customer service extensions on the AppExchange for areas like chat, field service, and CTI. Additionally, customers using the Service Cloud gain all the benefits of the proven security, reliability, and scalability of s trusted global infrastructure.
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An experimental robot can cost anywhere from nothing to well over $100,000. Mark Tilden, the creator of the BEAM (Biology Electronics Aesthetics Mechanics) robots, can build a walking bot out of an old discarded Walkman radio in one evening without spending a single penny. A simple microcontroller-driven tabletop line, following robot will cost about $200, and a top competitor BattleBot can easily exceed $20,000.
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1. Use larger bridge openings to allow for debris height accumulation. 2. Use longer span bridges, elevated decks, and crest vertical curves. 3. Use pro les for overtopping during oods and relief bridges. 4. Use reduced superstructure depths. Use open spandrel parapets. 5. Place piers away from the thalweg of a river for minimum height. 6. Excavate waterways to remove debris from smaller oods. 7. Use guide banks on the upstream side to align ow in bridge opening. 8. Use revetments on channel banks to ll slopes at bridge abutments.
Figure 4.6 Virtual Bode plotter inserted into an oscillator s open loop.
Fig. 1.40
The following Self Test questions will help you measure your understanding of the material presented in this chapter. Read all the choices carefully, as there may be more than one correct answer. Choose all correct answers for each question.
InfoView user s time zone.
Declaring Loop Control Variables Inside the for Loop
The capture_name parameter specifies the name of the packet capture that you want to view. The access-list parameter filters out the packet information in the packet capture based on the permit statements in the ACL. The count parameter displays the first x number of packets specified in the capture. The decode parameter is used for VPN tunnels terminated on the appliance: ISAKMP data flowing through that interface will be captured after decryption and shown with more information after decoding the fields. The detail parameter displays additional protocol information for each packet. The dump parameter displays a hexadecimal dump of the packets. The packet-number parameter starts displaying the packets at the specified packet number. NOTE Without any parameters, only your current capture configuration is shown not the actual captured packets. Here is an example that displays the capture processes enabled on the appliance:
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