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The preceding section discussed modifying an existing object. You can also add new objects by clicking the Insert Object button or using the menu choice Insert | Object. In this section, you will add a measure object called Promotion Cost. This assumes that the table PRODUCT_ PROMOTION_FACTS exists in your Universe pane. Depending on your Tools | Options | Database settings, a dimension object Promotion Cost may already have been automatically created, in which case, modify that object. 1. Position your mouse in the Test Fashion Measures class. Click the Insert Object button. 2. Designer will present you with the same dialog boxes as when modifying objects. Enter the name Promotion Cost and set the object type to Number. 3. Enter the object description as: Promotion Cost is the dollar value spent on a given radio, newspaper or other media promotion. Promotion costs are unique for each individual product but are allocated across all stores.
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What findings on the physical examination would lead you to believe this is an ovarian malignancy What is the following
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All of the active filters below have a Bessel response, and are meant to be driven from a low-impedance source that is significantly below R1 in value.
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The e-mail addresses are
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Figure 6-39 The Grid Properties dialog box allows users to heavily customize the grid, such as by adding totals and displaying the value and percent of total.
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When you move to the cloud, you won t need to maintain some things on-site. But what and when you delete it is a complicated issue. Certainly, you can back up the data and file it away on some DVDs somewhere, but that s just a snapshot in time of your organization. As you continue to use the cloud, your data will evolve and change. In this section we ll talk about the issue of deleting your datacenter, when you can do it, and some best practices for doing it.
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it is outside the maximum diameter of the sumo ring. Ultrasonic sensors have a wide field of view, so it is difficult to obtain the opponent s direction with a stationary sensor. Because of this, multiple ultrasonic sensors are normally used. One of the drawbacks to these sensors is that they have a minimum effective range. For example, the Polaroid 6500 sensor has a minimum distance of 6 inches (or nearly the width of the sumo robot). This can be dangerous because your bot may not see the opponent standing directly in front of it! Combining an infrared object detector with an ultrasonic sensor will give a good range of detection capabilities. A new ultrasonic sensor made by Devantech Ltd. ( has a minimum sensing distance down to about 1 inch. The model number for this sensor is SRF04. It is small and compact, and has been successfully implemented on several sumo bots.
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In C#, a method can call itself. This process is called recursion, and a method that calls itself is said to be recursive. In general, recursion is the process of defining something in terms of itself and is somewhat similar to a circular definition. The key component of a recursive method is that it contains a statement that executes a call to itself. Recursion is a powerful control mechanism. The classic example of recursion is the computation of the factorial of a number. The factorial of a number N is the product of all the whole numbers between 1 and N. For example, 3 factorial is 1 2 3, or 6. The following program shows a recursive way to compute the factorial of a number. For comparison purposes, a nonrecursive equivalent is also included.
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We should emphasize again that all permutations, or all ways of partitioning the energy, are equally likely regardless of which distribution they belong to. This means that if we have a distribution A with 100 permutations, and a distribution B with only 5 permutations, then at any given point in time we are 20 times more likely to find our system in distribution A than in distribution B. Let s take a closer look at the case of ten molecules with 18 units of energy among them. Seven of the 22 possible distributions are illustrated in Fig. 5-5.
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We ll talk more about setting up your home LAN in 4.
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The amount that it costs to physically manufacture the actual product, including its box and manual, and ship it to the warehouse. Beware, however: with console games, which are normally manufactured for the publisher by the console manufacturer, the cost of goods is sometimes quoted with the console manufacturer s license fee included, so be sure to check. With a PC game, it means only the cost of manufacturing the physical objects themselves. Any time that the whole team (production, development, or both) is working very hard to meet a deadline; more specifically, the period near the end of the project when everyone is trying to eliminate the last bugs and polish the game to its highest state before release. During this period it is not uncommon for a few people to work 80- and even 100-hour weeks.
Figure 26.10 Error detection using an exclusive-OR gate simply involves comparing bit by bit the received pattern with the reference pattern. When a difference is present, the exclusive-OR gate gives an output.
OSPF was created in the mid-1980s to overcome many of the deficiencies and scalability problems that RIP had in large enterprise networks. Because it is based on an open standard, OSPF is very popular in many corporate networks today and has many advantages, including these:
Case Studies
# is Microsoft s premier language for .NET development. It leverages time-tested features with cutting-edge innovations and provides a highly usable, efficient way to write programs for the modern enterprise computing environment. It is, by any measure, one of the most important languages of the twenty-first century. The purpose of this chapter is to place C# into its historical context, including the forces that drove its creation, its design philosophy, and how it was influenced by other computer languages. This chapter also explains how C# relates to the .NET Framework. As you will see, C# and the .NET Framework work together to create a highly refined programming environment.
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