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Modern-Style Headers
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Use a bonus formula matrix when territories are dissimilar in size and the salesperson must resolve objectives on two competing measures (see Figure 6-22).
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bi/wi fairRate: Contributing stations maximize their weight-adjusted rate without exceeding the fairRate. b1+ +b6 LINK_RATE(1-fa): The sum of fairness eligible traffic transmitted by the congested station maximizes use of available capacity without exceeding that capacity.
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Safety Precautions
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This constraint requires that the type argument passed to T must be a base class of the type argument passed to V.
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Another way to connect to the Omni control panel is via your PC s serial port. It utilizes either an RS-232 or RS-485 connection. To access the serial port, you must use the HAI Model 21A05-2 Serial Cable Kit.
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body frame the square steel tubing and the wire mesh used for the armor came from Home Depot, another great inexpensive supplier. Chew Toy is something that all designers like a cheap entry. The cost for this robot (everything but the speed controller) was about $500. (Instead of doing what I had initially conceived create a simple relay system I splurged on a Vantec speed controller for Chew Toy. It cost about as much as the entire rest of the robot, but, because the speed controller is an item that can be reused in future designs, I looked at my extravagance as an investment. In addition, it saved the time that it would have taken to construct and properly test the relay system I had devised in the early phase of Chew Toy s development.) Once you figure out what you want to build, the next step is building the mockup. I cut out a balsa wood frame and the parts into which the motor, the drive train, weapons system, and so on, will be fit. Balsa is easy to work with, and any hobbyist who has done original designs of model airplanes, boats, or the like has probably done mockups in balsa wood. Balsa wood is also cheap and readily available, and if you botch something in the mockup phase, you can redo it much more easily than if you were working in metal. After your balsa wood mockup is within your parameters and everything looks workable, you are ready to spec out your final project. The balsa wood project can be broken down into the component parts and used as guides for cutting the metal for the final project. If you are doing your own metal cutting, you can take apart your mockup and use each piece as a template for your metal pieces. I laid the pieces on top of the metal, traced the shape onto the metal, and then cut out the shapes. That way I was sure all the metal shapes would be the exact size I specified, and when I cut and fit the bot together it would replicate the mockup.
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Station 6
Interworking Between MGCP and SIP
Some drive manufacturers responded to the popularity of the PhotoCD standard by providing support for Mode 2 (XA) multi-session data, but failed to include a provision for responding to multiple sessions on a Mode 1 disc. These drives (and drivers) can only detect the rst session of a Mode 1 multi-session disc. In some cases, however, you can update the device driver to make the drive recognize additional sessions. The Lead In and Lead Out regions required for recording multiple sessions introduce a substantial amount of overhead to your disc. The initial session recorded requires nearly 24 Megabytes for the Lead In and Lead Out areas. Subsequent sessions add approximately 15 Megabytes of data overhead to your disc. If you plan to record numerous multiple sessions, this data overhead can clearly reduce the data capacity of the disc. The nite limitation, considering this overhead, is about 40 sessions; the Lead In and Lead Out regions in this case will consume more than half the available space on a 650MB CD in this case. If your data requirements are considerable, you will probably want to limit the maximum number of sessions to under 10.
I/O Functions
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