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1. The rst step is eld inspection and structural health monitoring. 2. The second step is preparing an inspection report. 3. The third step is computing the condition rating and suf ciency rating, for funding approval. 4. The fourth step is analysis and load rating (both inventory and operating ratings). Additional ratings for extreme loads such as scour and seismic vulnerability may be required. 5. The fth step is preparing a rehabilitation report. 6. The sixth step is implementing diagnostic design procedures. 7. The seventh step is selecting methods of repair, retro t, rehabilitation, or replacement. 8. The eighth step is preparing contract documents and selective reconstruction.
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14: Switches and Redundancy
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// Add a method that takes two arguments. using System; class ChkNum { // Return true if x is prime. public bool IsPrime(int x) { if(x <= 1) return false; for(int i=2; i <= x/i; i++) if((x %i) == 0) return false; return true; } // Return the least common factor. public int LeastComFactor(int a, int b) { int max; if(IsPrime(a) || IsPrime(b)) return 1; max = a < b a : b; for(int i=2; i <= max/2; i++) if(((a%i) == 0) && ((b%i) == 0)) return i;
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Various definitions used by the math library (ANSI/ISO C/C++). spawn( ) and exec( ) functions. Nonlocal jumps (ANSI/ISO C/C++). File sharing. Defines signal values (ANSI/ISO C/C++). Variable-length argument lists (ANSI/ISO C/C++). Defines some commonly used constants (ANSI/ISO C/C++). Declarations for standard I/O streams (ANSI/ISO C/C++). Miscellaneous declarations (ANSI/ISO C/C++). String handling (ANSI/ISO C/C++). System time functions (ANSI/ISO C/C++).
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to be confused with JavaScript (below). JavaScript A programming language originally created by Netscape with specific features designed for use with the Internet and HTML, and syntax resembling that of Java and C++. Now standardized as ECMA-262, known as ECMAScript. JCIC Joint Committee on Intersociety Coordination. JEC Joint Engineering Committee of EIA and NCTA. jewel box The plastic clamshell case that holds a CD, DVD, or BD. jitter Temporal variation in a signal from an ideal reference clock. There are many kinds of jitter, including sample jitter, channel jitter, and interface jitter. JPEG Joint Photographic Experts Group. The international committee that created its namesake standard for compressing still images. JScript A proprietary Microsoft variant of JavaScript. JTC Joint Technical Committee. The group responsible for overseeing development of Blu-ray format specifications. JVM Java virtual machine. The software program running on a BD player processor chip (or computer processor) that executes BD-J applications. JVT Joint video team. The ISO/IEC MPEG Group and ITU-T Video Coding Experts Group joined together as JVT to design MPEG-4 AVC/H.264. k byte One thousand (103) bytes. Not to be confused with KB or kilobyte (210 bytes). Note the small k. k or kilo An SI prefix for denominations of one thousand (103). Also used, in capital form, for 1024 bytes of computer data (see kilobyte). karaoke Literally, empty orchestra, from Japanese kara (empty) and oke, the transliteration of orchestra. The social sensation from Japan where sufficiently inebriated people embarrass themselves in public by singing along to a music track. Karaoke was largely responsible for the success of laserdisc in Japan, thus supporting it elsewhere. Karaoke is a feature of DVD-Video implemented by some DVD players, providing lyrics and guide vocals to assist the performer. KB Kilobyte. kbps Kilobits/second. Thousands (103) of bits per second. key picture (or key frame) A video picture containing the entire content of the image (intraframe encoding), rather than the difference between it and another image (interframe encoding). MPEG I pictures are key pictures. Contrast with delta picture. kHz Kilohertz. A unit of frequency measurement. One thousand cycles (repetitions) per second or 1000 hertz. kilobyte 1024 (210) bytes. The progression of byte measurement is byte, kilobyte, megabyte, gigabyte, terabyte, petabyte, and so on. land The raised area of an optical disc. laserdisc A 12-inch (or 8-inch) optical disc that holds analog video (using an FM signal) and both analog and digital (PCM) audio. A precursor to DVD. latency The time delay from the moment something is begun until it begins to take effect or completes its action. layer The plane of a disc on which information is recorded in a pattern of microscopic pits. Each substrate of a disc can contain one or two layers. layer 0 In a dual-layer disc, the layer closest to the optical pickup beam and the surface of the disc, and the first to be read when scanning from the beginning of the disc s data. For DVD, data on duallayer discs is ten percent less dense than on single-layer discs to compensate for crosstalk between the layers.
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What is the transaction fee Cu l es la comisi n por la transacci n I d like to get a personal loan. Quisiera obtener un pr stamo personal. I d like to take out a mortgage. Quisiera obtener una hipoteca. What is the time period of the loan Cu l es el plazo del pr stamo How much are the monthly payments De cu nto son las mensualidades What is the interest rate Cu l es la tasa (el tipo) de inter s Is it a fixed or variable rate Es una tasa (un tipo) fija (fijo) o variable What are the terms of payment Cu les son las condiciones de pago
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threshold, degrading link quality and impairing data transmission capabilities. The symbol errors typically include coding symbol errors, e.g., violation of 8B10B encoding rules.
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Site-to-site VPN
Strings and Formatting
Description Displays a corresponding integer. Displays a corresponding integer unless there are no digits to display, in which case a 0 is displayed. Displays a corresponding integer with no leading zeros. Displays a corresponding integer unless there are fewer digits to display than indicated in the number_ format string, in which case leading zeros will display. Displays an integer with a thousands separator. Displays a number with a thousands separator and two decimal places. Displays an integer with a plus sign. Displays an integer with a minus sign. Displays a number with a percentage sign. A space used anywhere within the number_format string will display in the number. Any alphanumeric character can be used in a number_format string. Indicating a color will display the value in the specified color. The valid colors are: [Red], [Blue], [Green], [Yellow], [White], [Dark Red], [Dark Blue], [Dark Green]
size in bytes */ attribute of file */ last time file was written to */ last date file was written to */ filename */
General comments first: The model shows two years, but the first year must be a historical year (i.e., one whose numbers are already balanced). This is because to find the balancing plug, we have to look at the changes in each account of the balance sheet from one year to the next. The first year s changes, without any prior years, cannot be calculated. The model still retains the separate debt inputs shown in rows 21 28. This is constructed in the same way as the debt inputs in the previous chapter.
NOTE LINQ in C# is essentially a language within a language. As a result, the subject of LINQ is
Syntax @page <page selector> :left {<page context>} Media Groups paged
(a) Radial cam
Part I:
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