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A Closer Look at Methods and Classes
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How the Game Industry Functions
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Configuring a Default Gateway
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Using Traceroute
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Figure 9-3 Management of suspected ectopic pregnancy. (Adapted, with permission, from Spontaneous abortion: Risk factors, etiology, clinical manifestations, and diagnostic evaluation by Togas Tulandi and Haya M Al-Fozan) data matrix code
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With Drape Fills Pattern is discontinuous (looks realistic)
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Light as an Electromagnetic Wave
For your initial access to the switch, make sure you plug the rollover cable into the switch s console port and the other end into the COM port of your computer. Start up a terminal emulation program such as HyperTerminal, Tera Term, or PuTTY to view the command-line interface (CLI) output of the switch. When power is applied to the 2960, the switch will begin its bootup process. Flash is first validated, and then the IOS is found, uncompressed, and loaded. POST is then run to verify that the different components of the switch are operational. When POST begins, the SYSTEM LED is off. Once POST completes all testing, and all tests have passed, the SYSTEM LED should turn green. If the LED is amber, you know that at least one test has failed during POST, which is usually catastrophic for the switch: in other words, the switch won t boot up. Running POST takes about a minute. Assuming that the POST tests pass, at least the critical ones, the IOS continues executing. Once the IOS completely loads, a configuration is found and applied to the switch, and you ll be presented with the User EXEC prompt, assuming you are connected to the console port of the switch. An example of the 2960 s bootup process is shown here:
2500 West County Road 42, Suite 5 Burnsville, MN 55337 Phone: 612 894 0595 Fax: 612 894 6175 Web: www.bof
Usually, digital photographs that come straight off your camera, when they re not specially encoded Raw files, are JPEGs or TIFFs. Both JPEG and TIFF images are arranged using color channels red, green, and blue that in combination make up all the colors you see. However, because these images are arranged using channels (of color), mathematician and artist Dr. Alvy Smith discovered that TIFF images had a structure that would allow the coding of additional channels into such a file format. The additional channels could be used to map information that has nothing to do with image color; they re called alpha channels, and the original use of an alpha channel was to tell the application importing the file, Wherever there s a black pixel in the alpha channel, don t display anything in the corresponding red, green, and blue channels. This is, of course, an oversimplification, but the result is that TIFF file format images and currently several other file formats can hold information that tells CorelDRAW and other programs to display transparency in certain areas of the image. Don t get a headache yet; this stuff gets even better and more useful in your work! The Bach image you trimmed earlier in this chapter can actually become an image with transparency information; you just export it to TIFF file format, and in the Convert To Bitmap dialog, you check the Transparent Background check box. However, exporting a composition to bitmap file format with transparency might not be as important to your work as getting an image into CorelDRAW with transparency, and that s why a little trip to PHOTO-PAINT can t hurt right now. A photo of a scarecrow is shown in several of the following figures (you can see it in the color section as well). Although it s a nice if somewhat unremarkable image, the important quality lies in the fact that every strand of straw and the dozens of holes in the straw hat are masked. They disappear when this photo is brought into CorelDRAW or some other application that can read transparency information. You can download Scarecrow.png and import it into CorelDRAW to see how refined the edges are around the transparency. Let s say you want to take an image of similar visual complexity to this scarecrow image, because you want to pose the scarecrow against a cornfield. Your first step is
changes, both in the medium s capabilities to accommodate rapid changes and in our expectations for the medium. CD-ROMs have evolved from simply being a storage medium for high-quality audio tracks to being the proposed delivery medium for motion pictures, complex interactive multimedia, and just about anything else that can be digitized. Consequently, the CD-ROM family tree looks like one of those biology charts showing the genetic mutations of fruit ies. Current standards committees are grappling with new ways to pack more data onto disc, including new compression standards, double-sided CD-ROM standards, and similar evolutionary trends. While these more or less polite debates go on, the installed base of CD-ROM drives (the number of drives actually hooked up to playback machines) is currently slipping past the two hundred million mark and still showing strong sales despite the encroachment of DVD onto the market. Such an impressive installed base of equipment provides assurance that standards committees will give some thought to maintaining compatibility with existing standards.
Figure 6.14b shows an example of a PDU Type Definition screen using TTCN. The notation CELL_NR refers to cell type. Figure 6.14c shows an example of a PDU Constraint Declaration using TTCN. The notation CELL_SQ refers to cell contents. The CE;;_NR and CELL_SQ are referenced in the first line of Figure 6.14a.
IOS# logout -orIOS# exit
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