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4.1.4 Special-purpose communications test equipment
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UNI Subscriber Site
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7.51 Instruments for Digital Testing
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Overturning of trucks due to slippery decks may cause spraying of the deck with gasoline and re. Also, vehicular accidents can be the cause of re. Table 3.10 shows historic details of bridge failures due to re.
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Citrix Access Suite 4 Advanced Concepts: The Official Guide
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You can capture wonderful images of sporting events with your digital camera. For example, if one of your children is on a school team, you can capture one of the team s events for posterity. When you photograph a local sporting event, you usually don t have to contend with huge crowds. You may be able to get unlimited access, which enables you to take photographs from many different vantage points. And that s the key to capturing good images at a sporting event: take a wide variety of pictures from different vantage points.
Finding the address of an overloaded function is a bit more complex than obtaining the address of a single function. Since there are two or more versions of an overloaded function, there must be some mechanism that determines which specific version s address is obtained. The solution is both elegant and effective. When obtaining the address of an overloaded function, it is the way the pointer is declared that determines which overloaded function s address will be obtained. In essence, the pointer s declaration is compared to those of the overloaded functions. The function whose declaration matches is the one whose address is obtained. The following sample program contains two versions of a function called space( ). The first version outputs count number of spaces to the screen. The second version outputs count number of whatever type of character is passed to ch. In main( ), two function pointers are declared. The first one is specified as a pointer to a function having only one integer parameter. The second is declared as a pointer to a function taking two parameters.
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To delete a class or object, you can use the same three selection methods described earlier or two shortcut keys:
Bridge A bridge is a device that is used to interconnect Ethernet networks. For example, an organization may have an Ethernet network on each floor of a multistory building; an Ethernet bridge can be used to interconnect each of the separate Ethernet networks. A bridge is similar to a repeater, except that a bridge does not propagate errors such as collisions, but instead only propagates well-formed packets. Hub Organizations came to realize that ring and bus topology networks were problematic with regard to cable failures. This gave rise to the star topology as a preferred network architecture, because a cable problem would affect only one station instead of many or all. A multiport repeater would be used to connect all of the devices to the network. Over time, this device became known as a hub. Like repeaters, Ethernet hubs propagate packets to all stations on the network. Switch An Ethernet switch is similar to a hub, but with one important difference: A switch will listen to traffic and learn the MAC address(es) associated with each port (connector) and will send packets only to destination ports. The result is potentially greater network throughput, because each station on the network will be receiving only the frames that are specifically addressed to it. When only one station is connected to each port on an Ethernet switch, theoretically, collisions will never occur.
Opening Templates
Eights usually want coaching to focus on the biggest picture possible, with details used as supporting information. They prefer this approach because they seek to understand the core issues and the overall patterns before they focus on smaller items. In addition, Eights do not like to waste time; going over what they consider to be minutiae can be highly annoying. An Eight learner often says, Just tell me your main point! Eights are also prone to taking immediate action. For example, Eights create large action plans, but these plans may be too far-reaching to be achieved in a reasonable period of time. On other occasions, Eights may not know what to do. At these times, they may say to a developer they respect, Tell me what to do! In either case, the developer can help the Eight slow down, consider the data from many perspectives, then develop a manageable action plan after taking sufficient time to reflect on the meaning of the development conversation and all of the viable options for action.
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