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design a collection of tables in BCNF. Note dependencies that are not important to the problem and relax your design from BCNF as appropriate. Justify your reasoning. Design a database to assist physical plant personnel in managing key cards for access to buildings and rooms. The primary purpose of the database is to ensure proper accounting for all key cards. A building has a unique building number, a unique name, and a location within the campus. A room has a unique room number, a size (physical dimensions), a capacity, a number of en trances, and a description of equipment in the room. Each room is located in exactly one build ing. The room number includes a building identification and followed by an integer number. For example, room number KC100 identifies room 100 in the King Center (KC) building. An employee has a unique employee number, a name, a position, a unique e-mail address, a phone, and an optional room number in which the employee works. Magnetically encoded key cards are designed to open one or more rooms. A key card has a unique card number, a date encoded, a list of room numbers that the key card opens, and the number of the employee authorizing the key card. A room may have one or more key cards that open it. A key type must be authorized before it is created. 26. For the ERDs in Figure 7.P7, describe assumptions under which the ERDs correctly depict the relationships among work assignments, tasks, and materials. A work assignment contains the FIGURE 7.P7 ERDs for Problem 26
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4 / 2 is 2 Can't divide by Zero! 16 / 4 is 4
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Subject Direct object Object of all prepositions
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Domain Services (LDAP)
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Pop-up menus To access pop-up menu commands and options, click your right mouse button (instead of the typical leftclick) on any given point. The pop-up menu appears at the tip of your cursor and closes automatically after a selection is made or by clicking elsewhere in the interface. Pop-up menus are sometimes called contextual menus, and a right-facing arrow next to a pop-up menu item indicates that there s a submenu with still more options, usually relating to the main menu option.
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At a depth of 6ft the sand is rising at O.O7lft/min. Another category of related rate problems involves increasing or decreasing area, volume, radius of a sphere, or some other geometric property. These next two problems involve geometry. In general, geometry problems are not overly difficult, usually involving just one equation.
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Part II:
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Cardinality Restrictions Minimum cardinality > 1 Minimum cardinality = 0 Maximum cardinality = 1 Maximum cardinality = 1 in one direction and maximum cardinality > 1 in the other direction Maximum cardinality is > 1 in both directions Maximum cardinality = 1 in both directions
Some Generic Restrictions
18 Object Database Management Systems 641
Connection Types
x _ 3p/4 = _135
Voice is the fundamental technology at the core of most computer telephony systems. It encompasses both the processing and the manipulation of audio signals in a computer telephony system. Common tasks include filtering, analyzing, recording, digitizing, compressing, storing, expanding, and replaying signals.
Related Functions
TDM Access Line Service (TALS): Application: Access to a Remote Network (e.g., PSTN) Customer Premises TDM CES IWF Ethernet Metro Ethernet Network CESoETH Ethernet CES IWF TDM PSTN
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