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// Access to private members is not inherited. // This example will not compile. using System; // A class for two-dimensional objects. class TwoDShape {
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Conventional Repair Methods
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Bringing Out the Best in Everyone You Coach
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Reporting and Analysis
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Technology Primer
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show dhcprelay state and show dhcprelay statistics commands to verify the configuration and operation of the DHCP relay, respectively, on the appliance.
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Router Con guration
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Controlling the Behavior of Autocreated Network Printers
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Basics on Complex Numbers
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Table 18-1.
The C# Language
CWDM systems require opto-electronic conversion in order to interface with larger metro/regional DWDM networks, i.e., signal relaunch on DWDM. This technology is best suited for smaller isolated networks with simple point-to-point or static OADM setups such as low-cost interconnection routers/switches in large campus settings.
Media Gateway Control and the Softswitch Architecture
packet header to determine which protocol should handle the packet. In this example, the logical address matches and the protocol is defined as TCP. Therefore, the network layer strips off the packet information and passes the encapsulated segment up to the TCP protocol at the transport layer. Upon receiving the segment, the transport layer protocol can perform many functions, depending on whether this is a reliable or unreliable connection. This discussion focuses on the multiplexing function of the transport layer. In this instance, the transport layer examines the destination port number in the segment header. In our example, the user from PC-A was using telnet to transmit information to PC-B, so the destination port number is 23. The transport layer examines this port number and realizes that the encapsulated data needs to be forwarded to the telnet application. If PC-B doesn t support telnet, the transport layer drops the segment. If it does, the transport layer strips off the segment information and passes the encapsulated data to the telnet application. If this is a new connection, a new telnet process is started up by the operating system. Note that a logical communication takes place between two layers of two devices. For instance, a logical communication occurs at the transport layer between PC-A and PC-B, and this is also true at the network and data link layers.
A Closer Look at Classes and Objects
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