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column. Since Status depends on the entire candidate keys (<StdSSN, AdvisorNo> and <StdSSN, Major>), UnivTable5 B C N F : The dependency diagram (Figure 7.5) shows that AdvisorNo is a determinant but not a candidate key by itself. Thus, UnivTable5 dancy, y o u should split UnivTable5 into two tables as shown in Figure 7.5.
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Null value: a special value that represents the absence of an actual value. A null value can mean that the actual value is unknown or does not apply to the given row. Primary key: a specially designated candidate key. The primary key for a table cannot contain null values. Foreign key: a column or combination of columns in which the values must match those of a candidate key. A foreign key must have the same data type as its associated candi date key. In the CREATE TABLE statement of SQL, a foreign key must be associated with a primary key rather than merely a candidate key. Rules
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Figure 14 - 21 Interface for jump matrix for DVDirector project
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#include <stdio.h> /* declare a structure type */ struct struct_type { int a, b; char ch; }; void f1(struct struct_type parm); int main(void) { struct struct_type arg; arg.a = 1000; f1(arg); return 0; } void f1(struct struct_type parm) { printf("%d", parm.a); }
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Single Sign-On for Strongest Application Security
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Block Type Table
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Math Note: Just as with integration by parts, we always have the option of rst evaluating the inde nite integral and then evaluating the limits at the very end. The next example illustrates this idea. EXAMPLE 7.10
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Missing Pieces
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Figure 4.5 (Continued )
Using a Philips SpeechMike should be a relatively straightforward process. Ensure that the drivers for the device are installed correctly on both the client and server. Make sure the recorder works correctly on the local client. Do this by loading the recorder utility that comes with the drivers. Ensure that audio records and plays back locally. Presentation Server supports using the SpeechMike controls and Foot pedal devices, as well. Before attempting to use them in a session, however, test them locally once again in the Philips recording utility. If everything is working fine locally on a client device, then you should have no problems using the same devices inside an ICA Session. SpeechMike controls may also have to be enabled inside the applications. This is currently true for Internet Author and Typist. Please see the specific application documentation for details. Additionally, Citrix testing has experienced issues with configured USB foot pedals in Internet Author and Typist. The recommendation is this: if using these devices, the settings for them should be left at the default setting or at none.
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