Fig. 4.29 Simplest One-Battery System in .NET

Drawer QR Code JIS X 0510 in .NET Fig. 4.29 Simplest One-Battery System

AC Controllers
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Support Circuit Design
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Interactive Mesh Fill Tool
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things as input and output by calling Read( ) or WriteLine( ). Thus, console programs call the operating system. The operating system does not call your program. However, in large measure, Windows works in the opposite way. It is Windows that calls your program. The process works like this: A program waits until it is sent a message by Windows. Once a message is received, your program is expected to take an appropriate action. Your program may call a method defined by Windows when responding to a message, but it is still Windows that initiates the activity. More than anything else, it is the message-based interaction with Windows that dictates the general form of all Windows programs. There are many different types of messages that Windows may send to your program. For example, each time the mouse is clicked on a window belonging to your program, a mouse-clicked message will be sent. Another type of message is sent when a button is pressed or when a menu item is selected. Keep one fact firmly in mind: As far as your program is concerned, messages arrive randomly. This is why Windows programs resemble interrupt-driven programs. You can t know what message will be next.
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// Empty cases can fall through. using System; class EmptyCasesCanFall { static void Main() { int i; for(i=1; i < 5; i++) switch(i) { case 1: case 2: case 3: Console.WriteLine("i is 1, 2 or 3"); break; case 4: Console.WriteLine("i is 4"); break; } } }
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The Law of Physics
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between hydrochloric acid and sodium hydroxide.
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X10 communicates across your home s 110V electrical wiring system. X10 modules simply plug into an electrical outlet or are hardwired into the home wiring system, like those modules used for light switches and X10 electrical outlets. Next, an X10 transmitter is plugged into an electrical outlet. This transmitter is used to send control information to the X10 module. The transmitter can be something very basic or, if you want more complex control of your Smart Home and have specific actions in mind, the controller can be connected to a computer. A USB X10 controller that links to a computer allows the computer to manage the X10 devices. Figures 2-1a, 2-1b, and Figure 2-2 show these various X10 devices.
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Figure 2 - 1
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Computers need a common way to speak with one another. Think of it like talking on the telephone to someone who doesn t speak English and you don t speak their language. There s no way to achieve a common understanding. You may be able to guess a word here or there, but for the most part, the conversation won t work. Computers can t even guess a common word, so without a language in common, that communication won t happen.
In this example, the sum( ) function is not a member of myclass. However, it still has full access to the private members of myclass. Specifically, it can access x.a and x.b. Notice also that sum( ) is called normally not in conjunction with an object and the dot operator. Since it is not a member function, it does not need to be qualified with an object s name. (In fact, it cannot be qualified with an object.) Typically, a friend function is passed one or more objects of the class for which it is a friend, as is the case with sum( ). While there is nothing gained by making sum( ) a friend rather than a member function of myclass, there are some circumstances in which friend functions are quite valuable. First, friends can be useful for overloading certain types of operators. Second, friend functions simplify the creation of some types of I/O functions. Both of these uses are discussed later in this book. The third reason that friend functions may be desirable is that, in some cases, two or more classes may contain members that are interrelated relative to other parts of your program. For example, imagine two different classes that each display a pop-up message on the screen when some sort of event occurs. Other parts of your program that are designed to write to the screen will need to know whether the pop-up message is active, so that no message is accidentally overwritten. It is possible to create a member function in each class that returns a value indicating whether a message is active or not; however, checking this condition involves additional overhead (i.e., two function calls, not just one). If the status of the pop-up message needs to be checked frequently, the additional overhead may not be acceptable. However, by using a friend function, it is possible to directly check the status of each object by calling only one function that has access to both classes. In situations like this, a friend function helps you write more efficient code. The following program illustrates this concept.
Presentation Server Troubleshooting
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