Fig. 4.24 Example of Optimally Fast Charging in .NET

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cams gearing rolling-element bearings traction friction drives intermittent motion mechanisms chains belts wire rope.
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As mentioned earlier, normally it is easier (and better) to use a foreach loop to cycle through a collection than it is to explicitly use IEnumerator methods. However, understanding the operation of these interfaces is important for another reason: If you want to create a class that contains objects that can be enumerated via a foreach loop, then that class must implement IEnumerator. It must also implement IEnumerable. In other words, to enable an object of a class that you create to be used in a foreach loop, you must implement IEnumerator and IEnumerable, using either their generic or non-generic form. Fortunately, because these interfaces are so small, they are easy to implement.
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CDP, as mentioned, works at the data link layer. However, since CDP uses a Subnetwork Access Protocol (SNAP) frame type, not every data link layer media type is supported. The media types that are supported are Ethernet, Token Ring, fiber distributed data interface (FDDI), Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP), HighLevel Data Link Control (HDLC), Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM), and Frame Relay.
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Data Services
Many printer manufacturers sell professional quality photographic paper. If your printer supports this type of paper, you can expect more saturated colors and the look and feel of traditional photographic paper used by camera stores. Another issue with paper is fading. Many printer manufacturers test their papers for light fastness. You can find high-quality, acid-free papers that will resist fading for up to 80 years.
surement period for which certain thresholds are exceeded. This is called error analysis. The industry standard specification is ITU-T Recommendation G.821, shown in Table 26.2. G.821 defines how error performance parameters are calculated in accordance with the flow diagram shown in Figure 26.13. The total measurement time is divided into 1 second periods, and unavailable time is subtracted to obtain the available time on which the G.821 parameters are calculated.
MyStruct o = new MyStruct(); MyStruct* p; // declare a pointer p = &o; p->x = 10; p->y = 20; Console.WriteLine("Sum is " + p->sum());
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n o t e In the comparison of carbon dioxide and high-pressure air (HPA) (or nitrogen), it s true that HPA has an advantage in flow because there is no phase change from liquid to gas; but when using HPA, large bore tubing and valves and a downstream accumulator are still essential elements to achieving high flow in a system. Using HPA with small-diameter tubing will still have significant flow restrictions and less-than-optimal performance. This discussion also applies to the air flow discussion in the Hammer Bots section earlier in the chapter.
E X A M P L E 4.21
6It is possible to combine multiple access rights representation mechanisms, such as, by registering a purchased Blu-ray movie in an online system that also allows purchasing of music downloads, streaming videos, and mobile phone ringtones. The system or other allied services if it acts as a clearinghouse can then grant various access rights to each owned content item.
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