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Application Installation and Configuration
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Are the House and Unit Codes for your X10 devices set correctly on your
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/* Locate an assembly, determine types, and create an object using reflection. */ using System; using System.Reflection; class ReflectAssemblyDemo { static void Main() { int val; // Load the MyClasses.exe assembly. Assembly asm = Assembly.LoadFrom("MyClasses.exe"); // Discover what types MyClasses.exe contains. Type[] alltypes = asm.GetTypes(); foreach(Type temp in alltypes) Console.WriteLine("Found: " + temp.Name); Console.WriteLine(); // Use the first type, which is MyClass in this case. Type t = alltypes[0]; // use first class found Console.WriteLine("Using: " + t.Name); // Obtain constructor info. ConstructorInfo[] ci = t.GetConstructors(); Console.WriteLine("Available constructors: "); foreach(ConstructorInfo c in ci) { // Display return type and name. Console.Write(" " + t.Name + "("); // Display parameters. ParameterInfo[] pi = c.GetParameters(); for(int i=0; i < pi.Length; i++) { Console.Write(pi[i].ParameterType.Name + " " + pi[i].Name); if(i+1 < pi.Length) Console.Write(", "); } Console.WriteLine(")"); } Console.WriteLine(); // Find matching constructor. int x; for(x=0; x < ci.Length; x++) {
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Test Ability to make and receive a call
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Remember that since the IPSec connections are protected and encrypted, only minimal inspection is supported for IPSec: basically, besides the preceding bullet points, you can limit the number of connections allowed by a client and what their timeout is. By default, IPSec Pass-Thru inspection is disabled. Here are the commands to enable it:
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Answering Questions with Qu and Cu l Answering questions with the interrogative adjective qu and with the interrogative pronoun cu l(es) requires that you keep in mind the number and gender of the nouns to which they refer. Simply use a definite article + an appropriate adjective that agrees in number and gender with the noun referred to and you have a quick, easy answer. To express the . . . one(s) you must use an adjective as a noun. The adjective must agree in number and gender with the noun it is describing. This is usually done with adjectives showing color (el blanco the white one), size (las grandes the big ones), and nationality (la espa ola the Spanish one).
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Switch (SPDT) single-pole double-throw
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Blu-ray Disc Demystified
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Objects hidden from users
We ve already seen how X10 devices can be used in your Smart Home to add functionality to lights and appliances. However, X10 can also be used as a means of controlling your home s environment. An X10 thermostat, like the TX15 shown in Figure 11-1, retails for US$229.99 and can be used with any X10 controller to manage temperatures or establish temperature schedules.
printf("Original array: "); for(i=0; i<10; i++) printf("%d ",num[i]); printf("\n");
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Interface for DVDirector project
Starting a Project
MIDI Shortened form for Musical Instrument Digital Interface. A notational language used to store and playback musical sequences through one or more synthesizers. MIDI is often used to store the music for CD-ROM games; the quality of the playback is directly dependent on the type of synthesizer used. General MIDI is a standard that relates speci c instrument sounds to speci c patches to try to achieve some uniformity in computer-based MIDI applications. Mixed-Mode Disc A compact disc that contains both Red Book audio information as well as Yellow Book computer data. All of track 1 is reserved for computer data; the following tracks contain the PCM audio. Mosquitoes A reference to a form of distortion that occurs after video compression. Mosquitoes appear as patterns of fuzzy dots that often appear around sharp transitions in the image. This effect is more formally known as the Gibbs Effect. Mount The act of making a connected storage devise visible and available to the host computer. For example, if you mount a CD-ROM, the computer can identify it and access the data contained in it. MPEG A standard formulated by the Motion Picture Experts Group to perform high compression of video data for reproduction on a variety of media, including CD-ROM and DVD-ROM. The processor intensive algorithms used for coding and decoding the video data work best when
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