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Most people think of Reporting Services as a reporting tool for relational reports, and there s no question this is how it is used the majority of the time. The flexibility of laying out reports goes well beyond the standard banded report writers that are familiar to many IT professionals, and the various output options, scheduling, and so forth make Reporting Services a strong contender for enterprise reporting needs. In a simple example of how to work with a relational report, this walkthrough will cover the sales details for a product category within a country for a given year. Each individual order for both the product category and country will be listed for that year, so the report may be quite large. The first step is to create a data source that accesses a relational database, which in this case is the relational data warehouse for the Adventure Works Company. This database, AdventureWorksDW, is the source for the cube used in most of the examples throughout this book. Creating the data source is done as before, by right-clicking on the Shared Data Sources folder and then selecting Add New Data Source. The Shared Data Source dialog box opens and defaults to Microsoft SQL Server connection, which is correct in this scenario. After naming the data source, the developer can click on the Edit button to open the Connection Properties dialog box, as seen earlier. After entering the server name, the developer should choose the AdventureWorksDW database. Figure 10-14 shows what the connection might look like, with the only difference between this example and that of the reader being the server name. The next step in the process is to create a new report. Once again, the developer should right-click on the Reports folder and then choose Add, New Item, and Report (note that once again, the wizard is not being used.) Once the report has been created, the developer goes to the Data tab and chooses New Dataset from the Dataset drop-down list box. On the Dataset dialog box, the dataset is given a name, and the data source is set to the data source just created (called AdvWorksDW in Figure 10-14). This ensures that the data source is the relational database and not the cube, as used in the previous example. At this point the developer could type in the SQL statement, but clicking the OK button opens the dataset in query mode. The default view for a relational query is to show just a blank area at the top and a grid at the bottom. The blank area holds the text of the SQL statement and the grid will show the results if the query is executed. It is sometimes easier to use the graphical query builder, and the view can be switched back and forth using the
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Smart Home Communication Systems
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Notice that a maximum has the characterizing property that it looks like a hump: the function is increasing to the left of the hump and decreasing to the right of the hump. The derivative at the hump is 0: the function neither increases nor decreases
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Depending on the size of the organization and the expertise of either the users or the support personnel, different test tools and measurements are available for troubleshooting ISDN equipment and services.
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CDP Status
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C# 3.0: A Beginner s Guide
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universes via the file system and export the universe to relevant repositories. In XI, permissions are associated with a universe. In XI Release 1, sharing universe files outside the repository could render the universe inaccessible. This problem seems to be corrected in XI Release 2 as long as designers use the check box Save For All Users. However, when migrating universes from earlier versions of BusinessObjects to BusinessObjects XI, it is recommended to use the Import Wizard.
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In the preceding examples, the instance variables of each Building object had to be set manually using a sequence of statements, such as
Focus the Scene
class cl { // ... public: friend void frnd(cl ob); // ... }; The friend keyword gives a nonmember function access to the private members of a class.
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Transporting Voice by Using IP
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