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14: Introducing LINQ
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FLOWSPEC Class This has a Class-num of 9 and a C-type value of 2 (the C-type value of 1 is obsolete). The flowspec is described earlier in this chapter. SENDER_TEMPLATE Class This has a Class-num value of 11. For IPv4, the C-type value is 1 and for IPv6, the C-type value is 2. The sender template is sent in a Path message and is, in fact, a filter spec sent by the sender. RSVP_HOP Class This object contains the IP address of the interface through which the last RSVP-capable node passed this message. The object is used in the Path message and is saved at each node along the route. The purpose is to ensure that an RESV message from the receiver to the sender follows the same path back through the network as was taken by the PATH message. This object has a Class-num value of 3, a C-type value of 1 for IPv4, and a C-type value of 2 for IPv6. TIME_VALUES Class This is a timeout period in milliseconds and indicates how long the message is to be considered valid. This object has a Class-num value of 5 and a C-type value of 1. ERROR_SPEC Class This is an object that is included in RSVP error messages. The object includes the IP address of the node at which the error was detected, plus an error code identifying the type of error, plus some additional error information. This class has a Class-num value of 6. The C-type value is 1 for IPv4 and 2 for IPv6. STYLE Class We can select different reservation styles in the case of multiple receivers and/or multiple senders. A fixed-filter style means that a receiver uniquely identifies the individual sender and the corresponding data stream from that sender to which a given reservation is to apply. A wildcard-filter style indicates that the reservation request applies to all data streams from all senders in a given session. The shared-explicit style lists specific senders, indicating that a given request applies to data streams from those senders. The applicable Class-num value for the STYLE class is 8 and the C-type value is 1.
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#include <iostream> using namespace std; class three_d { public:
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This is the full-length name users see when creating a report (different from the universe filename)
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Frequently Asked Questions about Digital Photography
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laser followed by a pulsed intensity modulator, or a bank of pulsed distributed-feedback lasers of graduated wavelength, with outputs combined by a fiber coupler, or a wavelength-tunable mode-locked laser. In all cases, optical pulses of width less than approximately 500 ps are necessary. A second pulsed optical trigger source, of fixed wavelength, is used to send a trigger signal to the oscilloscope at the receiving end. The optical trigger source and the reference fiber are necessary only when the ends of the fiber under test are geographically separate. In a loopback measurement, or before the fiber is deployed, the two ends of the fiber under test can be located close together, and the oscilloscope trigger source can be transmitted directly from the pulse generator over a short length of electrical cable. As the measurement wavelength is changed, changes in the group delay are directly observed as changes in the delay of the measured pulse. After the relative group delay is measured over a set of wavelengths, an analytical function can be fitted to the data and CD can be derived from the derivative of the function, as was shown in Figure 28.15. Accuracy often can be improved by including a variable attenuator after the test fiber output. At each wavelength the attenuator is adjusted to obtain a constant pulse amplitude at the oscilloscope, avoiding any influence of the pulse amplitude on the measurement of delay.
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Let us substitute some trial values to compare the magnitude of the results. If we let A = B and assume the values for the coef cient of friction of bronze on steel to be m ( kinetic) = 0.10 and m (static) = 0.15 Substituting in Eq. (6.8), we nd the maximum pressure angle for each condition: am = tan -1 am = tan -1 B = 73 degrees for m = 0.10 ( 0.10)(2 B + B) B = 66 degrees for m = 0.15. ( 0.15)(2 B + B)
Person Thing
<Function Name="Uppercase"> <Message id="Help">Returns a character string in upper case</Message> <Message id="Name">Uppercase</Message> <Arguments> <Message id="1">String:</Message> </Arguments>
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Media Gateway Control and the Softswitch Architecture
Server metric and process data is written to the local Resource Manager database. The local Resource Manager database holds metric values and application information for the previous 96 hours. This database is compacted when the IMA service is started and once a day while the IMA service is running.
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