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We let the independent variable h denote depth, measured vertically down from the surface of the water. Since the pool is rectangular with vertical sides, w( h) is constantly equal to 20 (because we are interested in the long side). We use 62.4 pounds per cubic foot for the density of water. According to ( ) , the total force on the long side is
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A Better Universe
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It returns an object of an anonymous type that has two read-only properties, Name and InStock. These are given the values specified by the item s name and availability. Because of the anonymous type, there is no longer any need for the Temp class. One other point. Notice the foreach loop that executes the query. It now uses var to declare the iteration variable. This is necessary because the type of the object contained in inStockList has no name. This situation is one of the reasons that C# 3.0 added implicitly typed variables. They are needed to support anonymous types. Before moving on, there is one more aspect of anonymous types that warrants a mention. In some cases, including the one just shown, you can simplify the syntax of the anonymous type through the use of a projection initializer. In this case, you simply specify the name of the initializer by itself. This name automatically becomes the name of the property. For example, here is another way to code the select clause used by the preceding program:
MIS director
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