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Laboratory Manual
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// Demonstrate generic interface contravariance. using System; // This generic interface supports contravariance. public interface IMyContraVarGenIF<in T> { void Show(T obj); } // Implement the IMyContraVarGenIF interface. class MyClass<T> : IMyContraVarGenIF<T> { public void Show(T x) { Console.WriteLine(x); } } // Create a simple class hierarchy. class Alpha { public override string ToString() { return "This is an Alpha object."; } // ... } class Beta : Alpha { public override string ToString() { return "This is a Beta object."; } // ... } class VarianceDemo { static void Main() { // Create an IMyContraVarGenIF<Alpha> reference to a // MyClass<Alpha> object. // This is legal with or without contravariance. IMyContraVarGenIF<Alpha> AlphaRef = new MyClass<Alpha>(); // Create an IMyContraVarGenIF<beta> reference to a // MyClass<Beta> object. // This is legal with or without contravariance. IMyContraVarGenIF<Beta> BetaRef = new MyClass<Beta>(); // Create an IMyContraVarGenIF<beta> reference to // a MyClass<Alpha> object. // *** This is legal because of contravariance. *** IMyContraVarGenIF<Beta> BetaRef2 = new MyClass<Alpha>(); // This call is legal with or without contravariance. BetaRef.Show(new Beta()); // Assign AlphaRef to BetaRef. // *** This is legal because of contravariance. *** BetaRef = AlphaRef;
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Inheritance, Virtual Functions, and Polymorphism
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Coaching Enneagram Style One
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Redirect all users to the Same Location (\\ServerName\ TSHOME$\ %USERNAME%). My Pictures follows My Documents. Users are not granted exclusive access.
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Figure 3.24 shows the structure of an ITU-T (CEPT) standardized frame. As we have seen, each channel is encoded into an 8-bit word at a sampling rate of 8 kHz. Put another way, every 125 s there is an 8-bit word representing a sample of the analog signal in a single channel. If we combine 30 such channels and allocate each 8-bit word a timeslot within the 125 s frame, we have a time-division multiplexed, word-interleaved signal. The 8-bit words for each of the 30 channels are carried in timeslots 1 through 15 and 17 through 31.
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You will need a web hosting service that will allow you to store your data and applications. This is what we think of when the term cloud provider is used. This is the organization that will host your data. Some web hosting services include Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud and Mosso.
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y opposite side unit circle (x, y)
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8. Enter the switch command to set the VTP mode to transparent mode: __________. 9. Which switch command enables trunking on a 2960 switch
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The detail parameter displays information about all the router/web server caches; the view parameter displays other members of a particular server group that have or haven t been detected.
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Heart Center Challenge: Explore the Learner s Defense Mechanism
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