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The methods that implement an interface must be declared public. The reason for this is that methods are implicitly public within an interface, so their implementation must also be public. Also, the return type and signature of the implementing method must match exactly the return type and signature specified in the interface definition. Here is an example that implements the ISeries interface shown earlier. It creates a class called ByTwos, which generates a series of numbers, each two greater than the previous one.
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3. Comparing How do your answers in question 2 compare with the ratios you predicted in
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the mail while you were in Phoenix. They were acting as your agents in the foreign location. The foreign agent received mail that was marked for your normal home address, but translated this into the current address. This combination of local (home agent) and remote (foreign agent) agents makes the process work. Now let s assume that after vacation, you leave Phoenix, but do not go home. Instead, you go on an extended business trip to San Francisco. The home agents then label the boxes to reflect the changes that indicate mail is now to be forwarded to the new location.
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FUNI Frame User Network Interface CPCS Common Part Convergence Sublayer SSCS Service Specific Convergence Sublayer FH, FT Frame Header, Trailer
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Data and Observations
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Metric Mind Corporation
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Ask the Expert
// Use Substring(). using System;
Add Query Quick Filter
Using the Interactive Envelope Tool and Property Bar
Three Months Ended September 30 2005 Net license fees Services Total revenues 120,308 141,073 $261,381 2004 105,705 113,765 $219,470 YTD (Ended September 30) 2005 360,317 412,248 $772,565 2004 337,380 321,563 $658,943
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