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The ping command uses ICMP to test layer 3 connectivity to a device.The traceroute command
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6. Provide hope and relief. Learners need some hope that the situation can get better and that the developer can help them make this so. The activities in 12, Transformation, can be useful. In addition, developers can use a technique from a methodology called Appreciative Inquiry to provide the learner some relief.
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hat Is a Robot
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This is the extreme case of authentication risks when an attacker establishes new accounts that are attributed to a particular victim but authenticated by the attacker. In a simple masquerade, the attacker may assume the victim s identity temporarily in the context of systems the victim already uses. In an identity theft, the attacker collects personal identification information for a victim (name, social security number, date of birth, mother s maiden name, and so on) and uses it to assume the victim s identity in a broad range of transactions. In a typical fraud, Henry opens credit accounts in Cathy s name, although it s also common for the criminal to loot existing accounts.1
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it down against the floor, rather than flinging it sideways, as can happen with a conventional spinner. Figure 10-10 shows a vertical spinning robot. While the weapon can be much more effective than a standard horizontal spinner, the vertical spinner trades off improved offense with a greatly weakened defense. While a standard spinner can be built to cover the robot s body completely, such that an opponent cannot help but be hit by the weapon on any contact, the vertical spinner s narrow disk must be carefully lined up on its target. The large disk gives the vertical spinner a dangerously high center of gravity, requiring a large, wide body to support it, which makes the vertical spinner vulnerable to attacks from the sides or rear. Spinning the disk will generate significant gyroscopic effects every time the robot turns, requiring widely set drive wheels and a slow turn speed to keep the robot from flipping itself over when turning. The vertical spinner also suffers the same self-inflicted impacts as the standard spinners. While the impacts are downward and the floor helps brace the robot in place, vertical spinners have been destroyed by their own weapon impacts. As with the spinner, the optimum form of the vertical spinner will be a disk with the weight concentrated at the edges. Vertical spinners have the additional property of hurling their opponents into the air on solid hits, doing additional damage when the opposing robot crashes back into the floor.
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11: Review Questions and Answers
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Go back to the original statement for the yield Y =8-0.4t and note that at t =10 the yield is Y(10)= 8 - 0.4(10) = 4 and at t = 30 the yield is Y ( 3 0 )= 8 - 0.4(30) = 8 - 12 = -4.
5. Select the Template cell Page Number / Total Pages and drag it to the bottomright corner of the footer. Notice the formula for this cell is as follows:
important for the BIM to meet the project team s expectations, and thus it should not be entered into naively. The implementation of this process should not be careless or rushed, as small errors can lead to much larger difficulties when not prevented early through proper planning and procedures. It is not uncommon for a modeler to reach a point where there is a very insistent urge to start over with the model (and this may well be the best course of action). These feelings result from the deepening of the level of understanding of the project and its processes, and suggest that there are numerous ways to improve the BIM. Often at this stage the BIM will already be quite complex and detailed, and frequently editing the existing models may in fact require an effort as great as, if not greater than, that of starting afresh. Continual evaluation is an important part of the BIM development, and will be influential in the actual implementation of the process plan. Since the understanding of the project develops through the creation of the model, it is possible that at a certain point the simulation (model) no longer accurately reflects that (increasing) understanding. This is the right moment to reevaluate the usefulness of continuing with the current model, or to restart a new one. Generally it will take a fraction of the time that it took to get to the same point of development because all the thinking and planning has now been done and the modeling has been well planned and can be executed efficiently. The result will be a new model that will no longer slow down progress or be inaccurate in the way it represents the project. A fundamental characteristic of the BIM is its development through an information feedback loop. The evolution of the model and the relevant project information is cyclical (iterative); and as the different project team members develop the project, the available information gradually increases in scope, depth, and relatedness. A coordinated and intelligent project will grow out of the building information that is continually cycled through the BIM at a more and more detailed and coordinated level. The spheres in Fig. 2.1 represent the project collecting information and developing as more information is connected to the project over time. The white spiral represents time and the flow of information over time. The spheres suggest the milestones in the process where a project passes through critical stages and where evaluation and reflection can take place. This chapter outlines the nature, development, and use of the building information model. Frequently subtle differences between various concepts will be pointed out to call attention to certain facts, the understanding of which will ultimately help the reader to better implement the BIM approach in construction projects. Human beings generally overestimate their understanding of a specific subject, only to realize at a certain point that if we had only known . . . , things could have been different. It is easy to confuse knowledge with understanding, this age is information-rich; but gathering knowledge does not equate to developing understanding. Effort is required to generate understanding in any given area, and this effort is frequently made through the accumulation of experience. Once a certain amount of experience has accrued, the understanding will generally have developed to lead to a whole new level of use of that knowledge; it will in fact seem to have increased the knowledge, when actually it is the understanding
Suggested Preventive Action against Fire Damage
Basic Management from the CLI
Moves cursor to start of line Moves cursor to start of text Moves cursor to end of frame Moves cursor to end of line Moves cursor to end of text Selects all text in Paragraph Frame or Artistic Text object Selects character to left of cursor Selects character to right of cursor Selects text downward by one frame Selects text downward by one line Selects text downward by one paragraph Selects text upward by one frame Selects text upward by one line Selects text upward by one paragraph Selects word to left of cursor Selects word to right of cursor Selects text to start of frame Selects text to start of line Selects text to start of frame Selects text to end of frame Selects text to end of line Selects text to end of frame
Designing a Voice over IP Network
CHAPTER 21: Outline Color
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Communications System Design
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