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Exploring the C# Library
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The horizontal axis is the logarithm of frequency (log10 ) The vertical axis is the frequency response in decibels
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wireless applications to detect the peaks of the RF signal, then convert these peaks to a logarithmic DC output. Some high-frequency log amps can reach 2.5 GHz at their input, while still maintaining a high dynamic range of greater than 90 dB. These types of log amps are referred to as demodulating log amps. One such amp is shown in Fig. 8.21 as the AGC detector/amplifier in a receiver s automatic gain control feedback loop. RCOUPLE is a value significantly larger than
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Storing Content on DVD
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On the right side of the Import dialog (shown in Figure 26-2) are options you might not use on a daily basis, but it s good to know what they do!
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85. The transfer function of a circuit is H (s) =
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CSC-SSM Modules
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1 Energy State 0 A photon absorbed by an atom is initially in a low energy state (0). As the energy of the electron is raised (1) it remains in an excited state for a short period of time and spontaneously returns to the lower state (0) where it emits a photon of light. = electron photon of light
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We have been using various rules of integration without enunciating them explicitly. It is well to have them recorded for future reference.
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5:18:24 p.m. 11:53:28 p.m. 11:53:34 p.m. 11:53:36 p.m. 11:53:30 p.m. 11:53:22 p.m. 11:52:52 p.m. 11:52:40 p.m. 11:52:48 p.m. 11:52:54 p.m. 11:53:32 p.m. 11:54:04 p.m. 11:53:06 p.m. 11:53:14 p.m. 11:53:44 p.m. 11:53:46 p.m. 11:53:16 p.m. 11:52:50 p.m.
8 LD Partner 42 LEC 42 LEC MG 11 42 LEC
Miscellaneous C++ Topics
5: Local Number Portability (LNP)
his chapter is the last chapter on layer 2 functions. Most larger networks implement redundancy in case of failures, whether it be multiple WAN connections, multiple paths in your layer 3 network, and/or multiple paths in your layer 2 network. This chapter focuses on layer 2 redundancy and the issues involved with layer 2 loops, including two features that are commonly used to solve these problems: the Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) and EtherChannels.
C# 3.0: A Beginner s Guide
Formatted I/O
Objects you uncover in the real world come in units: quarts, acres, yards, and so on. In the virtual world of drawing, you have unit measurements as well: the name of the setting in CorelDRAW is unit measures, whose appearance on the Rulers increases and decreases in frequency with your view magnification setting. The actual unit measures are specified according to the Drawing Units currently defined on the Property Bar. To set the Drawing Unit measure, choose the Pick Tool (click an empty area on your page to make sure nothing is selected), and then use the Units drop-down list on the Property Bar to specify anything from picas to kilometers, as shown at left.
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