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makes it impossible to create bit-to-bit copies of a disc. And, tampering with the mark is very difficult as well given that only licensed BD players are able to read the BD-ROM Mark, and the mark is never transmitted outside the player. This process creates a very closed environment, thereby making this a formidable solution in the fight against piracy, even on a professional level. For disc replication, a special piece of hardware called the BD-ROM Mark Inserter is required to encode and insert the Volume ID key, and to format the BD-ROM Mark properly. The Inserter is only available to licensed BD-ROM manufacturers under strict security obligations to ensure integrity of the process. Further, both the mastering facilities and the player manufacturers have to be licensed, thereby providing a substantial security threshold for protecting disc content, in addition to AACS.
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B-component X (Backbone core bridge, or provider bridge)
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PAP authentication sends the username and password across the wire in clear text. CHAP doesn t send the password in clear text instead, a hashed value from the MD5 algorithm is sent. Use the ppp authentication command to specify which PPP authentication method to use.The username command
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Autonomous Robots
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Text Position Drop Down To specify a position for the text labels applied to your dimension line, choose one of the options available from the Text Position option. Choose from top-centered, middle-centered, or bottom-centered for Auto, Vertical, Horizontal, or Callout dimension lines. Text labels applied to Slanted dimension lines may also be oriented upright and/or centered within the line.
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Analysis with PerformancePoint Server
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Case Study: Macromedia Add Life to the Web CD-ROM
Cold-Rolled and Mild Steel
Debt 1 The description for Debt 1 will apply as well to Debt 2 and Debt 3, so I will describe only how to build Debt 1. Once this block is built, simply copy it to create the other two debt blocks. B141 B143 D143 B140. Copy across to column G. This will remain blank as we will not need to calculate the interest income separately for debt in the historical years. Typically, historical interest expense is given as one number representing the interest expense of all interestbearing liabilities. E142*AVERAGE(D141:E141). Copy across to column G. The interest expense is calculated on the basis of the average of the beginning and ending
Finally, care must be taken when grabbing hammer-wielding robots with a clamp bot, as a firm grasp can also give the hammer bot the leverage to repeatedly hit the clamp bot in the same spot. When attacking a hammer bot with a clamp bot, try to approach from the side so as not to be in the path of the hammer arm.
Local User Profiles are stored on the local server to which the user has logged on. Password Manager saves registry information in the HKCU\Software\Citrix\MetaFrame Password Manager hive of the User Registry located at:
Dead Peer Detection Because DTLS uses UDP, intermediate firewalls or address translation devices can create problems by timing out idle DTLS connections before they are done. Dead Peer Detection (DPD) can be used to send keepalives across the DTLS connection to ensure this doesn t happen. The DPD interval should be set two times higher than the firewall s idle threshold. The keepalive interval should be set to something less than the firewall s idle timer. For example, if the firewall has an idle timer of 30 seconds, the DPD interval should be set to 60 seconds, and the keepalive interval to 20 or 25 seconds. This configuration is performed within the group policy:
Additional information regarding User Profiles can be found in the Microsoft article User Data and Settings Management located at the URL technet/prodtechnol/winxppro/maintain/xpusrdat.mspx.
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