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The take-home message here is this: liveness testing can improve the security integrity of biometric systems if it is designed and implemented appropriately. No security technology can ever provide 100 percent security. All we can ever hope to do with biometric liveness testing, or any security technology advance, is to raise the bar for potential foes. Liveness tests can, and are, being implemented in biometric systems to increase our confidence that only alive, originally enrolled individuals are authenticated by biometric systems. The best liveness testing is performed simultaneously with the biometric data capture at the same time and at the same place. This ensures that the liveness data being collected is of the same source as the primary biometric sample. The best liveness tests must also be carefully and robustly designed. Careless implementation of a good idea is worthless. While not infallible, liveness testing raises the bar to would-be adversaries by decreasing the chances that an artificial or simulated biometric specimen will be accepted as real. The security posture of biometric systems can also be improved by supervising biometric stations and combining biometrics with other authentication technologies, such as tokens possessed by the user and data memorized by the user. The actual combination of authentication methods used for a given application is selected based on the requirements of that application. Care also needs to be taken to address threats at other points in the biometric system, where liveness testing cannot help. Doing so ensures that balanced, system-wide protection is achieved.
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sandths of an inch thick, Rockwell 65-70. AISI 8620 (inherent core hardness of 35 Rockwell C) is an oil-quench material that is sometimes carburized. Spherical, curved, or at-faced followers with pure sliding have adhesive wear action. Offsetting the mushroom follower gives a corkscrew motion to the follower and distributes wear. Surface quality after machining is almost always changed by the destructive action of metal removal, especially in grinding. In general, surface destruction is related to the pressure and the speed of the metal- nishing operation and the metal being affected to an appreciable distance below the surface. The effects on the surface are high stresses due to cold working, higher susceptibility to corrosive action, and metallurgical change due to high cutting temperatures. Cleanliness of the oil lubricant system is critical. Shot peening of steel cams increases their fatigue life by 50 percent.
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NOTE: Sleep.exe is part of the Windows Server 2003 resource kit. Rebooting servers Servers should be rebooted frequently to eliminate any hung processes or memory leaks. A simple reboot script like the one just shown can be used as a scheduled task to reboot servers running Advanced, Enterprise, or Platinum editions of XenApp Server. Alternatively, servers running XenApp Server Enterprise or Platinum have reboot functionality included and can be scheduled from the server properties in the Presentation Server Console, as shown in Figures 18-1 and 18-2. CAUTION: Do not reboot all your servers at the same time on the same day. We recommend that you reboot a few servers each day, alternating them in sets. For example, if you have 12 servers in your farm, reboot four of them on Monday, the next four on Tuesday, the last four on Wednesday, and then repeat. With this pattern or something similar, if a patch or an update installed on a server prevents it from rebooting properly, only a subset of your farm is inoperable. This will still allow users to log in and work while you debug the reboot problems and address the issue before the next reboot cycle. Also, rebooting a whole farm of servers (more than ten) at one time can cause a severe load on the data store, prompting delays in IMA service start times.
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Gigabit Ethernet MSPP OC-N MSPP
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that variable-geometry picture scaling circuitry is more expensive than the fixed-geometry scaling of DVD players and existing widescreen TVs.
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Squamous epithelium (ectocervix)
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Table 3.3 Recent bridge failures in the U.S., including the nature of each collapse. Location Interstate 35W Minneapolis, MN Webbers Falls, OK over the Arkansas River (see Figure 3.10) Walnut St. Bridge, Harrisburg, PA Tennessee River Bridge, Clifton, TN Schoharie Creek Thruway Bridge, Amsterdam, NY Sunshine Skyway Bridge, Tampa, FL Year 2007 2002 1996 1995 1987 1980 Description Twelve people died. Nature of Collapse Bridge collapse over a river
Redundancy for the agent servers is built into the product. When multiple agent servers are in the same farm, requests to those servers are load balanced to the leastloaded server, based on the CPU usage. If a web server fails to communicate with an agent server for any reason, the agent server is marked as offline in the database. Every five minutes, the web server attempts to contact the offline agent server to determine if it is back online.
1. In anticipation of a nancial slowdown, every manager is expected to decide how he or she will reduce costs by 10 percent. 2. In anticipation of a nancial slowdown, every manager is expected to consider ways to reduce employee travel, telecommunications, and of ce supply expenses. 3. In anticipation of a nancial slowdown, every manager is expected to consider ways to reduce employee travel, telecommunications, and of ce supply expenses by 10 percent.
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Figure 3.99 Proper board layout for an MMIC as seen from top of PCB.
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