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Frequency Response
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pression at all times. In that event the valve spring force must be increased, a lower speed accepted, or other suitable means utilized. In this problem, we shall use a larger initial spring load S1 and thus a larger ramp. To recalculate, we have the relationship S1 + L = rs , = ra , since rk = 0. kf Here ra will be increased by 0.006 in instead of 0.0052 in for a small margin of safety. Therefore S1 + 100 = 0.010 + 0.006 25000 where S1 = 300 lb, the initial spring load with an initial ramp height of 0.016 in. necessary instead of the ramp height 0.010 in shown in Fig. 13.22. If we replot this value in Fig. 13.22, the cam curve yc will properly be above the follower curve y at all points and the linkage will always be in contact with the cam. 13.7.9 4-5-6-7 and 5-6-7-8-9 Polynomials Taking the data of the previous example and using the 4-5-6-7 and 5-6-7-8-9 polynomials, we have the acceleration curves y and yc plotted in Fig. 13.23. With the 4-5-6-7 polynomial, we see that any ramp must meet the cam with an acceleration to prevent an in nite pulse at the beginning and end of the action. The 5-6-7-8-9 family shows the best condition, having both cam acceleration and follower end acceleration equal to zero at both ends. In contrast, the ramp for this curve must provide only a rise but no initial velocity or acceleration to the follower. This 5-6-7-8-9 family is thus suggested for most designs.
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Ethernet Connections
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Purpose Determines whether the invoking object is the same as the one referred to by obj. Determines whether objA is the same as objB. Performs shutdown actions prior to garbage collection. In C#, Finalize( ) is accessed through a destructor. Returns the hash code associated with the invoking object. Obtains the type of an object at runtime. Makes a shallow copy of the object. This is one in which the members are copied, but objects referred to by members are not. Determines whether objA and objB refer to the same object. Returns a string that describes the object.
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saw with the other functional groups discussed. Phosphate groups also easily form negative ions by losing the hydrogen atom from one or both of its hydroxyl groups.
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Carrier Ethernet leverages the established benefits of LAN Ethernet to the end users while simultaneously enabling Service Providers to offer a set of carrier-class attributes in a manner that is not only aligned with other services such as ATM, Frame Relay, and Private Line, but does so in a scalable, robust, and flexible manner that supports the next-generation of packet-based applications much more cost effectively . This ultimately translates into lower CAPital EXpenditures (CAPEX), lower OPerational EXpenditures (OPEX), and competitive positioning for Service Providers. Thus, Carrier Ethernet helps realize the compelling benefits to both end users and Service Providers as detailed in the 1. Defining the attributes of Carrier Ethernet in greater detail and refining them further to be more relevant for next-generation applications is an ongoing effort; considerable progress has, however, been made.
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j DVI (Figure 7.11). This connector accommodates uncompressed high-defini-
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The second form of aggregate is the projection aggregate, used in multidimensional analysis and when users remove dimension columns from a report or chart that still exist in the results set. In the following example, I have deleted the Date object from the report display but not from the query itself. There are still ten rows in my result set. In Figure 9-5, Web Intelligence now does the grouping in the report to yield one row of data for the entire month of September. As a general rule, the SQL function you use will match your projection aggregate used on the individual object properties. As discussed earlier in connection with measures, price is one measure in which designers may not use a SQL aggregate; however, it would be useful to set the projection aggregate to Avg to allow further analysis. With inventory and ending balance, I recommend using the SQL SUM function but then setting the projection aggregate to None.
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the janitor to the secretaries, from long-term senior executives to new entry-level employees. Likewise, if you refer to someone whose title is Dr., maintain parallel construction in referring to any other people in the same communication. For instance, if you write about Dr. Smith, then you should refer to all of the doctor s staff by title and last name, too (e.g., Ms. Smith and Mr. Brown, not Mary and Charlie). Adhering to the principle of parallel construction helps your readers understand your meaning, saves you writing time, and enhances your professional image. EXERCISE 18: Write a Third Draft In the following example, Stuart, an analyst for a city government agency, has followed the steps outlined in the book thus far. My boss told me it is imperative that I be precise in my writing, explains Stuart, and I agree. She needed a report about school renovations. I want the report to be clear and straightforward. My objective is to arm my boss with plenty of facts and gures for her next town hall meeting. She s a top adviser to the mayor, so she appears with him often and needs to be able to eld questions and feed him facts. She s completely a Producer, so I try to use a lot of lists and graphs to help her get the information she needs quickly. She s on my side and has the resources she needs to do the job, so it s an Easy writing assignment. The report needs to be quite formal, because it s part of the public record. I selected the PAR organizational structure to focus on the bottom line, which I knew would make the report most user-friendly to my boss. I wrote it and used the Empathy Index and principle of FURY to revise it. Now I m ready to nish it up. An introduction in a report or proposal typically presents an overview of what s to come, piquing readers interest. As you ll see, Stuart s introduction does a good job of setting the scene and providing a big-picture synopsis. However, it suffers from several aws. After you read the following paragraph from Stuart s second draft, you ll nd instructions. Here s Stuart s draft:
5. Accept the remaining defaults and click Next. 6. Click Next and then Save to finish creating the tab. 7. Once the tab has been created, it is added to your set of tabs.
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For Citrix Presentation Server 4.0 for Microsoft Windows Server 2003 x64 Edition, the registry location should be specified as:
This yields valuable intersegment traffic analysis and long-term trends information. Protocol analyzers often are used to perform complementary baselines and component benchmarks on a single network segment or component using smaller sample periods and small (1-second) sample intervals. The resulting analysis is more narrowly focused and detailed, providing the information necessary for fault isolation and performance tuning of components and applications. 15.6 Network Baselining Baselining is a process for network performance characterization, from which grows the process of network optimization. A baseline is a set of statistical measurements made over a period of time that characterizes network performance. A complete baseline will include all of the network performance metrics listed previously, and perhaps more. A baseline is a comprehensive snapshot of a network s overall health.
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