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Section III: Topics in Obstetrics
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To navigate to the Properties for the object Month Number: 1. Within the universe pane, double-click the Month Number object from the list of classes and objects. 2. Select the Properties tab. 3. The Month Number is a dimension, so leave this radio button checked. 4. By default, dimension and detail objects have an associated list of values. This check box is enabled and Designer provides a system-generated list name. Change the list name of the associated list of values to MonthNN. Lists of values and these settings are explained in more detail in 10. 5. Click OK to close the dialog.
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class Vehicle { public int Passengers; // number of passengers public int FuelCap; // fuel capacity in gallons public int Mpg; // fuel consumption in miles per gallon }
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Although you cannot overload the cast operator ( ) explicitly, you can create conversion operators, as shown earlier, that perform this function. It may seem like a serious restriction that operators such as += can t be overloaded, but it isn t. In general, if you have defined an operator, then if that operator is used in a compound assignment, your overloaded operator method is invoked. Thus, += automatically uses your version of operator+( ). For example, assuming the ThreeD class, if you use a sequence like this
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Figure 3-6
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public: int count; CL operator=(CL obj); friend CL operator+(CL ob, int i); friend CL operator+(int i, CL ob); }; CL CL::operator=(CL obj) { count = obj.count; return *this; } // This handles ob + int. CL operator+(CL ob, int i) { CL temp; temp.count = ob.count + i; return temp; } // This handles int + ob. CL operator+(int i, CL ob) { CL temp; temp.count = ob.count + i; return temp; } int main() { CL O; O.count = 10; cout << O.count << " "; // outputs 10 O = 10 + O; // add object to integer cout << O.count << " "; // outputs 20 O = O + 12; // add integer to object cout << O.count; // outputs 32 return 0; }
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Health-Related Benefits
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RSTP has three port states: discarding, learning, and forwarding. RTSP supports two additional port types: alternate (secondary to a root port)
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Here, only the name Remark is used. Although the short form is correct, it is usually safer to use the full name when attaching attributes, because it avoids possible confusion and ambiguity.
Cloud Computing at Work
applied to older analog systems that needed periodic adjustment to compensate for drift. Corrective maintenance is carried out after a failure or degradation is reported by a monitoring system or user. Controlled maintenance involves centralized network monitoring and identification of degraded network performance. Centralized monitoring can be supplemented by field maintenance teams using portable test equipment. Of these methods, controlled maintenance is preferred for maintaining high levels of QoS. It provides early warning of degradations and potential failures, thereby reducing system downtime. Repair work and adjustments can be anticipated and scheduled for quiet periods. In this way, disruption also is minimized. 5.4 Analog Performance Testing Figure 5.1 shows the major measurable elements of an analog transmission system. The simplest analog test is to measure the system gain and signal-to-noise (S/N) ratio between the end-to-end telephone connections. The test is usually made with a portable Transmission Impairment Measuring Set (TIMS). The test operator sends a fixed tone into the system and makes measurements at the opposite end to check for signal level and signal-to-noise ratio (noise with tone). When an analog data modem is to be used on the path, various data-impairment measurements may be specified, such as impulse noise, phase jitter and gain /phase hits (Walker 1989). Although telecommunications networks are now largely digitized, the connection between a telephone and the exchange continues in most cases to be analog. TIMS measurements are therefore still important. In the 1990s, wideband TIMS measure-
tunneled (excludespecified). These are defined in an extended or standard ACL. For a standard ACL, the addresses or networks you enter are addresses that the remote is trying to reach (destination addresses). For an extended ACL, the addresses off of the higher-level interface of the appliance (corporate office networks) are the source addresses in an ACL statement, and the destination addresses are the internal addresses of the remotes. TIP If you allow split tunneling, then I recommend that you set up a firewall or NAC policy and require the remote to have a firewall installed to protect the user from clear-text traffic. When split tunneling is enabled, you can enable split DNS. The domain names listed after the split-dns command, separated by spaces, will be resolved by the DNS server listed in the group policy configuration. Any other domain name will be resolved by the DNS server locally configured or dynamically acquired by the user s computer. You can set up quite a few access restrictions for Easy VPN remotes in a group policy. The vpn-access-hours command references a time range that controls when remotes can connect to the appliance (time ranges were discussed in 6). The vpn-filter command specifies an ACL that restricts traffic coming from the user, out of the tunnel, and through the appliance the appliance uses the ACL to determine what traffic it will allow from the remote. The vpn-idle-timeout command specifies how long a user s data connections can be idle before the tunnel is terminated (30 minutes by default). You can also control how long a user can remain connected (idle or not) with the vpnsession-timeout command; by default there is no limit unless an idle timer is used. The vpn-simultaneous-logins command limits the number of VPN sessions allowed for a user account. The vpn-tunnel-protocol command controls the type of remote access VPN(s) a user can set up to the appliance; by default there are no restrictions. So as you can see from this long list of policies, you are provided with many options.
C++ from the Ground Up
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