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Push and Pull distortions can inflate or deflate the slope of your shape s curves by amplitude. The amplitude value affects the extent of the effect, sloping the curves of paths from an object s original path from shallow at low settings to severe at high settings. Amplitude can be set from 200 to 200 percent. Negative values cause the effect to distort the path away from the center origin of the object, which creates the push condition of the distortion. Negative values (which you can also define interactively with the Distort Tool it s fun and creatively therapeutic) can be used to illustrate flower petals, a cartoon splash into a pond, a thought balloon all from beginning with a rectangle shape. Positive amplitude values cause the effect to be distorted toward the object s center origin, the pull condition. Again, if you use a rectangle as the target shape, you can almost instantly produce anything from a diner sign from the 1950s, to a sleek, aerodynamic auto or airplane, to a nice 3D visualization of a TV tube viewed in perspective. At the amplitude of 0, there is no distortion. Figure 20-10 shows the effects of both negative and positive Push and Pull amplitude settings.
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Citrix Access Suite 4 Advanced Concepts: The Official Guide
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At least two deep-ground rods, more if located in a high-lightning area
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Part I:
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This program displays the elements of this full path: C:\MYDIR\MYFILE.DAT.
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No intervention Follow-up Histopathologic diagnosis
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How many numbers will you enter: 5 Enter 5 values. : 1.1 : 2.2 : 3.3 : 4.4 : 5.5 Average is 3.3
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Figure 19-1. WebVPN login screen
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= x sin x ( cos x) + C = x sin x + cos x + C.
FEC and Label Formats
Volume Control
The secret to a smooth and successful project is a carefully-monitored production schedule. The schedule enables you to allocate resources and determine bottlenecks. Project planning software such as Microsoft Project is very helpful. In many cases you will start with a rough high-level schedule, then create an updated schedule based on the detailed project tasks. More so than with DVD production, BD projects can have many activities that are concurrent. For example, after the title has been designed and architected, compression and multiplexing can be happening in parallel with the graphics creation and the BD-J programming. This concurrency is especially important where there are complex interactive elements that require extensive programming to implement. Some of the programming of the interactive elements may be created before other assets of a title are even conceived. For example, features such as a progress bar with bookmarks and user-defined playlists may be created and completed even before the rest of the disc content is complete. Throughout the production process, keep track of the assets. Make a list of each asset, when it is due, when it arrived, what format the source is in, when it was digitized and encoded and by whom, what the filename is, where the files are stored, when the client signed off on each stage of asset conversion or production, and so on. Clarify who owns the copyright for new content that may be created during production.
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