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Value Syntax <number> | none | inherit Initial Value none Percentages n/a Inherited yes Applies to all elements Media Groups visual
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The Ethernet Market Opportunity
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dimension objects by which users will want to drill; otherwise, they will not be available for multidimensional analysis. For example, in the preceding example, a Time hierarchy has not yet been defined. When users begin drilling, the article objects will be drillable but the time objects will not, until you create a custom hierarchy.
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SalaryEmp entity type are its direct (EmpSalary) and its inherited attributes from Employee (EmpNo, EmpName, EmpHireDate, etc.). Inherited attributes are not shown in an ERD. Whenever you have a
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the number of program channels, the cost per mile of plant, and the headend. Now the basic revenue can be projected, producing a cash- ow, or nancial, pro forma to offset debt and support the venture. This process is complicated and has to be carefully completed before setting any construction schedule. 2.113 The proper plant design required to serve the more heavily populated area of many communities should not be so trunk restrictive that businesses will box themselves in by making it dif cult to extend the distribution cables to new areas. In short, a system does not want to run out of trunk that can restrict extending the feeder plant. Remember, it is the feeder or distribution plant that connects the cable system to subscribers. The trunk is considered as the transportation system bringing the service to the distribution plant. The feeder/distribution plant makes the money, and the trunk cable plant is a necessary cost. The extension of a feeder plant adds more subscribers, thus improving the cash ow. Since the cost of extending a feeder plant is signi cantly less than the trunk plant costs, a careful analysis has to be made when extending a plant. Often a signi cant extension of the feeder plant means adding more trunk plants. This is shown in Figure 2-1, where feeder plant ampli er cascades are limited to two ampli ers in a cascade off the bridger trunk ampli er. Adding more cable ampli ers to a system also means that system powering may have to be restructured with the addition of more power sup-
The Farm Metric Server is used for application and server monitoring. The Farm Metric Server gathers its information from the data collector. Because the Farm Metric Server accesses the data collector every 15 seconds to obtain published application counters and every 30 seconds to determine if machines are offline, configuring data collectors to also perform the role of Farm Metric Servers and the backup Farm Metric Servers can improve performance. The Farm Metric Server may also perform the role of the Database Connection Server. TIP Although Resource Manager can track any Performance Monitor counter as a server metric, Citrix recommends you limit the total number of metrics tracked on a server to fewer than 50.
Application delivery-only environments These environments support hostinglevel services, like security and on-demand scalability. They do not include development, debugging, and test capabilities.
An Abort( ) Alternative
Data Communications Basics Data Communications Basics 15
Conductor Colors (Preferred First)
Cloud computing isn t a one-size-fits-all affair. There are several different ways the infrastructure can be deployed. The infrastructure will depend on the application and how the provider has chosen to build the cloud solution. This is one of the key advantages for using the cloud. Your needs might be so massive that the number of servers required far exceeds your desire or budget to run those in-house. Alternatively, you may only need a sip of processing power, so you don t want to buy and run a dedicated server for the job. The cloud fits both needs.
To keep the interface to the quicksort simple, the Quicksort class provides the QSort( ) method, which sets up a call to the actual quicksort method, qs( ). This enables the quicksort to be called with just the name of the array to be sorted, without having to provide an initial partition. Since qs( ) is only used internally, it is specified as private.
What we have built here at Zuma, if you go out into my loft right now, we'll have a music project running, a corporate project running, a lm project going, an archiving project going. What we gain from working across all of those disciplines... Yesterday, I was in two meetings with DVD-ROM clients. I was in meetings with DVD-Video for lm. I was in an industrial one. I quoted two museums. Working across all of those areas, it is really just about the experience and expertise that you get to add. There are a million things... Actually, on the DeVry Project, part of the speci cation for the project was that they had to use the Panasonic portable Palm Theatre. They absolutely had to use them. They bought 25 of them before they even called me about the project. They really had to use them. Isn't that kind of the industry standard anyhow Yeah, there aren't many other choices. The Sony doesn't have a screen. I have one sitting on my desk. I think it is a pretty OK little unit. I wish that they in particular would have been more responsive to some of the industrial markets needs. Since, they had really imagined it to be a rich person, leisure device (rather than an actual business tool). Part of the spec was to use the Panasonic Palm Theatre. Another part of the spec was that, basically they have one long video and all the presentation does is pause every so often. It is playing through one 15-minute video and every so often it is broken up to pause. Maybe 150 times. When it pauses, they need to have a full-screen pause. Not a half eld pause. Which is what the Panasonic player will do by default. So, this is kind of a passive kiosk type product It's for presentations. DeVry uses this for road-show presentations. They have 20 some sales folks who go out on the road to high schools, colleges trade schools, universities, to make presentations about DeVry Technical School. So they've got a captive audience who sits there and watches these little segments. Exactly. During the pause, is someone speaking Yeah, there is a speaker up there. A lot of it is silent and he is speaking over it. But when it paused, it was essential to them that it was a nice crisp
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