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A. Transport protein synthesis B. Transcription C. Translation D. Transformation E. mRNA to amino acid conversion
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There might be times when you buy something and need to have it altered, or need to repair the clothing you have. You will have to find a tailor, un sastre (oon sahs-treh), or a shoemaker, un zapatero (oon sahpah-teh-roh), who can help you. The words listed below will help you describe the problem or the parts of the garment in need of servicing. An appropriate way to begin your conversation is: Podr a Ud. remendar este (esta, estos, estas) . . . por favor (Could you please alter [repair]) this . . . )
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Overloading true and false
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Earlier in this chapter you saw a program that copied a file by manually reading bytes from one file and writing them to another. Although such a task is not particularly difficult, it can be fully automated by using the Copy( ) method defined by File. It has the two versions shown here: static void Copy(string sourceFileName, string destFileName) static void Copy(string sourceFileName, string destFileName, boolean overwrite) Copy( ) copies the file specified by sourceFileName to the file specified by destFileName. The first version copies the file only if destFileName does not already exist. In the second form, if overwrite is passed true, the copy will overwrite the destination file if it exists. Both can throw several types of exceptions, including IOException and FileNotFoundException. The following program uses Copy( ) to copy a file. Both the source and destination filenames are specified on the command line. Notice how much shorter this version is than the copy program shown earlier. It s also more efficient.
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The output produced by this program is shown here.
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Fuse Branch 2
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Branch office switch
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180% 160% 140% 120% Average Percent 100% 80% 55% 60% 40% 20% 0% 20% Layer 2 Metro Ethernet 119%
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Letting A = t + , B = t + in (10.11), we have A B = , A + B = 2 t + 2
Blu-ray Disc Demystified
Figure 2-3: With a digital SLR, you choose the proper lens for the subject.
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chapter 10 N u c l e i c A c i d B i o p h y s i c s
The Model TC1540
Sour ces 7
As you can see, this version of the program does not require that you create a FileStream or release resources. The Copy( ) method handles all this for you. Also notice that this version will not overwrite an existing file. You might want to try using the second version of Copy( ), which does allow the destination to be overwritten.
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Quiere ir al restaurante conmigo Puedes ir al circo con mi familia y yo Deseo ir al club. Por supuesto! Quiero ir a la catedral. Lo siento mucho. No puedo ir a la feria. Estoy muy cansado(a). Es imposible. No tengo ganas de ir al centro comercial. No puedo ir al zool gico porque estoy muy ocupado(a). No puedo ir al jard n porque no estoy libre. Ir al cine Quiz s. Ir a la fuente Lo que prefieras.
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