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war chalking The practice of marking buildings (using chalk) with symbols to indicate the presence of a Wi-Fi access point, including some basic facts about it. See also war driving, Wi-Fi. war driving An attack on a wireless network where attackers intercept and record information about Wi-Fi access points. warm site An alternate processing center where recovery systems are present, but at a lower state of readiness than recovery systems at a hot site. For example, while the same version of the operating system may be running on the warm site system, it may be a few patch levels behind primary systems. waterfall model A software development life-cycle process where activities are sequential and are executed one time in a software project. See also software development life cycle (SDLC). web-based application An application design where the database and all business logic are stored on central servers, and where user workstations use only web browsers to access the application. web-based application development A software development effort where the application s user interface is based on the HTTP (Hypertext Transport Protocol) and HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) standards. web proxy filter A central program or device that monitors and, optionally, filters web communications. A web proxy filter is often used to control the sites (or categories of sites) that users are permitted to access from the workplace. Some web proxy filters can also protect an organization from malware. web server A server that runs specialized software that makes static and dynamic HTML pages available to users. web services A means for system-to-system communications using the HTTP protocol. Web Services Description Language (WSDL) An XML-based language that is used to describe web services. See also web services.
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1. Briefly explain bioremediation and
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By the end of the week, we must rewrite the job description, advertise the position, and begin interviewing.
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You can configure the SNMP community and designated management consoles to prevent unauthorized access. Configure SNMP agents to accept traps from known SNMP consoles only. For more information about correctly configuring the SNMP agent, see the Windows Online Help file. Microsoft has released security bulletins for SNMP security risks on Windows 2000 servers that do not have Service Pack 2 or higher installed (MS00-096, MS02-006). TIP Block incoming SNMP traffic from the Internet by using a firewall that prevents passage of traffic on UDP ports 161 and 162.
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Sony Electronics, Inc.
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Experience in the design and construction supervision of bridges located in the United States, Europe, and Asia can be utilized in developing a book that can be recommended simultaneously to students and bridge engineers alike. Some of the prestigious bridge projects, where I have successfully participated as a designer include curved steel bridges at Washington National Airport,
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Active filters typically use an operational amplifier and an RC filter network to obtain low-pass, high-pass, and bandpass responses at low frequencies. Passive RC networks themselves can be employed alone as a simple, nonresonant filter for certain audio applications, and can be utilized to attenuate RF, while passing only DC and the low-frequency AC. As an example, the basic RC filter of Fig. 6.52a works as a low-pass filter by a voltage divider action: The capacitor C will have a low reactance to higher frequencies, while the resistor is chosen to be of such a value as to be of a significantly higher resistance to higher frequencies than C. Thus, high-frequency signals are dropped across R, while little RF will be dropped across C. However, with lower frequencies, the reactance of C is higher than the resistance of R, so the low frequencies get dropped across C, and are then tapped from the output with low attenuation. Reversing the resistor with the capacitor will create the opposite effect, producing a high-pass filter (Fig. 6.52b). Thus, any low frequencies will now be dropped across the high reactance of C, but not across the lower resistance of R. Higher frequencies will easily pass through the lower reactance of C, but be dropped across the higher resistance of R. Since the output is across R, a highpass filter has now been formed. A sharper filter response curve, along with an insertion gain instead of a loss, and filter buffering from the effects of the load, can be obtained if we insert a high-gain amplifier, such as an op-amp, within the above RC filter.
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Example: Sum([Revenue]) will return 835,420 when the [Revenue] report_variable contains (563250; 107400; 164770).
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Citrix Access Gateway Enterprise
Before you create the master group, make sure you have the tablespaces and users created on both master sites. The user names, that is, schema names, should be identical on both databases participating in Oracle Synchronous Multi-Master Replication. Citrix also recommends creating identical tablespaces name on both databases for easy management. If you already installed Presentation Server using one of your Oracle databases as the data store, you just need to create the tablespace and user on the other database, which will be used as the second master site. If you have not yet installed any Presentation Servers, at least one Presentation Server must be installed using the database as its data store. Refer to the Presentation Server Administrator s Guide for instructions to install Presentation Server using Oracle 9i or Oracle 10g as the data store.
TDM: Circuit Bonding
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