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It is possible to convert Paragraph Text to curves. By converting text to curves, the resulting shapes can be extensively modified, reshaped, and restyled. This is also a method for preventing others from making any text modifications to the document. It is also an acceptable way to prepare text-heavy illustrations for sharing when you re confident that a coworker doesn t own a font you used in the document. To convert a Paragraph Text object to curves, select it and choose Arrange | Convert To Curves. Or right-click the Text object with the Pick Tool, and choose Convert To Curves from the pop-up menu or press CTRL-Q. Because Paragraph Text as curves can have thousands of nodes, don t perform this sort of thing capriciously, and be prepared to wait a while during the conversion of large paragraphs. CorelDRAW converts Paragraph Text to curves quite intelligently; it breaks the text into groups groups almost never consisting of a single shape that has more than 1,000 nodes. PostScript printing language has a complexity threshold of 1,000 1,200 nodes along a single path. If you ever arrive at a single curve shape that has more than this number, you re best off breaking the shape (Arrange | Break Curve Apart, CTRL+K) and then joining shapes that should be joined (Arrange | Combine, CTRL+L). Use too many nodes, and a PostScript job will fail, and a commercial printer is not likely to thank you for your business.
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Level Designer
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Transporting Voice by Using IP
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What is the epidemiologic relationship between HPV infection and cervical cancer
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Fig. 9.1 Shore-Power Boat Connection
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CRC errors, and Defect Events (DE) such as loss of signal, loss of frame synchronization, etc., which will set the alarm A-bit in the backward direction (Figure 7.33). Normally these error events, called performance primitives, would be accumulated and analyzed statistically according to the error performance standards ITU-T M.2100 and G.826. (See 27, section 27.3.4.) With a framed 2 Mbps set, other useful in-service checks can be made. One can monitor the individual 64 kbps channels to check if they are carrying voice or data. A demultiplexed channel at 64 kbps can be fed to a protocol analyzer or decoded to provide a voice-frequency output. TS16 usually is assigned to signaling. It is possible to demultiplex TS16 and display the 30 ABCD words for channel-associated signaling (Figure 7.34) to investigate permanently idle channels or stuck bits. Before taking a channel out of service, one can check that it is idle and so avoid unnecessary outage. One further application of the framed 2 Mbps test set capable of through-data mode is to drop and insert single or multiple 64 kbps test channels while the remaining channels carry revenue-earning traffic. This requires the tester to be placed in circuit with the 2 Mbps line; having done that, a much more detailed analysis is possible on one or more 64 kbps channels while still providing a partial service.
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Fig. 1.32
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// Demonstrate partial class definitions. using System; class Test { static void Main() { XY xy = new XY(1, 2);
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Main( ) is marked unsafe because it uses a pointer.
Determine shifts of equilibrium brought about by changes in concentration.
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