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The advanced activity involves embodying the word while walking around. The activity is identical to the basic activity except that learners embody the word while standing rather than sitting down; when they feel the word throughout the body, they begin walking in silence while maintaining the embodiment of the word. The walking embodiment technique is more dif cult because the individual must focus on both maintaining the embodiment and walking, but it is also more powerful as a catalyst for transformation. Most people can do this after they have learned the basic technique. Learners can do this easily on their own as they take daily walks or go from their car or train to the of ce.
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29.2.4 Persons responsible for network monitoring
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The steps in a typical release process are: Requirements Here, each software change is described in terms of a feature description and requirements. The feature description is a high-level description of a change to software that may explain the change in business terms. Requirements are the detailed statements that describe a change in enough detail for a developer to make changes and additions to application code that will provide the desired functionality. Often, end users will be involved in the development of requirements so that they may verify that the proposed software change is really what they desire. Design After requirements have been developed, a programmer/analyst or application designer will create a formal design. For an existing software application, this will usually involve changes to existing design documents and diagrams, but for new applications, these will need to be created from scratch or copied from similar designs and modified. Regardless, the design will have a sufficient level of detail to permit a programmer or software engineer to complete development without having to discern the meaning of requirements or design. Development When requirements and design have been completed, reviewed, and approved, programmers or software engineers begin development. This involves actual coding in the chosen computer language with approved development tools, as well as the creation or update to ancillary components, such as a database design or application programming interface (API). Developers will often perform their own unit testing, where they test individual modules and sections of the application code to make sure that it works properly. Testing When the developer(s) have finished coding and unit testing, a more formal and comprehensive test phase is performed. Here, analysts, dedicated software testers, and perhaps end users will test all of the new and changed functionality to confirm whether it is performing according to requirements. Depending on the nature of the changes, some amount of regression testing is also performed; this means that functions that were confirmed to be working properly in prior releases are tested again to make sure that they continue to work as expected. Testing is performed according to formal, written test plans that are designed to confirm that every requirement is fulfilled. Formal test scripts are used, and the results of all tests should be recorded and archived. The testing that users perform is usually called user acceptance testing (UAT). Often, automated test tools are used, which can make testing more accurate and efficient. After testing is completed, a formal review and approval is required before the process is allowed to continue.
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Robot Brains
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Computing and network resources must be accessed in order to provide value. The majority of information-based resources are accessed via TCP/IP networks; some resources are accessed using other technologies, such as direct hardwired connections (as in the case of some mainframe computers) and non-TCP/IP network technologies. Then there are desktop computers that sometimes themselves contain information and resources. Modern LAN environments are protected from outside threats with firewalls. Many larger organizations also employ internal firewalls that create separate zones of trust within the organization. But generally speaking, LANs are a lot like highway systems within individual countries: Once you pass a border checkpoint and show a passport or other credential, you can roam freely inside that country unhindered.
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The I-Component The MAC addresses in the MAC-in-MAC format identify I-components. An I-component is equivalent to a VLAN bridge with certain additional functionality. It may be implemented as a separate system or, more likely, as an additional chip (or chops) on a line card in a larger bridge. Figure 13.10 shows a simple backbone network serving four 802.1ad provider bridge networks (S-clouds). In Figure 13.10, you can see
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Customer.cust_id=Reservations.cust_id AND Customer.MM_YYYY=Reservations.res_date
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The prototype for setlocale( ) is in <locale.h>. This function allows certain parameters that are sensitive to the geopolitical location of a program s execution to be queried or set. For example, in Europe, the comma is used in place of the decimal point. If locale is null, then setlocale( ) returns a pointer to the current localization string. Otherwise, setlocale( ) attempts to use the specified localization string to set the locale parameters as specified by type. At the time of the call, type must be one of the following macros: LC_ALL LC_COLLATE LC_CTYPE LC_MONETARY LC_NUMERIC LC_TIME LC_ALL refers to all localization categories. LC_COLLATE affects the operation of the strcoll( ) function. LC_CTYPE alters the way the character functions work. LC_MONETARY determines the monetary format. LC_NUMERIC changes the decimal-point character for formatted input/output functions. Finally, LC_TIME determines the behavior of the strftime( ) function. The setlocale( ) function returns a pointer to a string associated with the type parameter. It returns null if an error occurs.
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The receiver has a port in the bottom to allow the connection of a device, like a lamp. This module will allow simple on and off functions, but will not allow a lamp to be brightened or dimmed.
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bottom of the trench, which is then lled with concrete slurry to within a few inches of the top. The remainder is covered with the same material as the road or sidewalk surface. This is an expensive and noisy operation, but for urban /metropolitan installations, this is often the only method. 1.235 Metropolitan or city plant is much more expensive and complicated than the usual suburban, residential-type aerial and underground plants. Metropolitan areas often suffer from a variety of signal problems such as multipath and signal-level variations. These metropolitan areas usually cover large apartment complexes where television service had been provided by a master antenna system. Many apartment managers opted for cable television service when it became available. An apartment complex can make the usual cable television homes-per-mile requirement look good. Therefore, cable operators moved to the cities to provide service to these multiple dwelling units (MDUs). Metropolitan plant is mostly an underground plant installed in either saw-cut trenches or in leased conduit space in the underground utility system. Cable operators using the underground utility plant have to use all the precautions and procedures as required by the conduit-leasing agency. Safety barricades, traf c cones, and barricade tape are required to mark off the work area and keep the public away. Ventilating blowers are used to purge underground vaults of any unsafe gases and provide clean air for the maintenance technicians. Proper personnel training should be provided by the cable operators to ensure safe working practices. In many cases, the utility conduits pass under rivers and harbors in the transportation tunnels, or they cross bridges and overpasses. Access vaults are rarely placed on bridges or in tunnels; instead they are placed at each end. Thus, it is just the cables making the crossings. Cable ampli ers, couplers, and power supplies are installed in the vaults. Technicians making maintenance or troubleshooting checks have to gain access to the vaults to make the required tests. Cable service distribution is coupled from the vault system to the apartment buildings that contain the distribution ampli ers and subscriber taps. An inter-building plant is either from top to bottom or bottom to top, with the cables placed in utility shafts connecting to each oor. At the various oors, a distribution panel is installed with drops connected to the apartments on each oor. In such urban areas, installation contractors often install systems in new apartment complexes being built. Once such systems are built, the cable operators need properly trained personnel to perform connects, disconnects, and maintenance tests.
// Use lock to synchronize access to an object. using System; using System.Threading; class SumArray { int sum; object lockOn = new object(); // a private object to lock on public int SumIt(int[] nums) {
Part II:
Bleed limit amount
From Eq. (8.7) we see for the dwell-rise-dwell action that the torque is continually changing, being proportional to the follower velocity and the load. Also, if these cams are
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Digital Telecommunications Basics Digital Telecommunications Basics 67
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