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you needed a separate physical router interface for each broadcast domain. So if you had two broadcast domains, you needed two router ports; if you had 20 broadcast domains, you needed 20 router ports. As you can see, the more broadcast domains you had with bridges, the more expensive the router would become. Today, with the advent of VLANs and trunk connections, you can use a single port on a router to route between your multiple broadcast domains. If you had 2 or 20 broadcast domains, you could use just one port on the router to accomplish the routing between these different subnets. Of course, you would need a router and an interface that supported trunking. Not every Cisco router supports trunking; you would need at least a 1751 or higher router with the correct type of Ethernet interface. If your router didn t support trunking, you would need a separate router interface for each VLAN you had created to route between the VLANs. Therefore, if you have a lot of VLANs, it makes sense to economize and buy a router and the correct type of interface that supports trunking. You can also buy specialized NICs for PCs or file servers that support trunking. For instance, suppose you want multiple VLANs to access a file server. You could use a normal NIC and set this up with an access-link connection to a switch. Since this is an access-link connection, the server could belong only to one VLAN. The users in the same VLAN, when accessing the server, would have all their traffic switched via layer 2 devices to reach it. Users in other VLANs, however, would require that their traffic be routed to this server via a router, since the file server is in a different broadcast domain. If throughput is a big concern, you might want to buy a trunk NIC for the file server. Configuring this NIC is different from configuring a normal NIC on a file server. For each VLAN in which you want the file server to participate, you would create a virtual NIC, assign your VLAN identifier and layer 3 addressing to the virtual NIC for the specific VLAN, and then associate it with the physical NIC. Once you have created all of these logical NICs on your file server, you need to set up a trunk connection on the switch to the server. And once you have done this, members of VLANs in the switched network will be able to access the file server directly without going through a router. Since these cards can be expensive, many administrators will purchase these devices only for critical services. A good example of a device that might need a trunk-capable NIC is a DHCP server, since it might need to assign IP addresses to users across multiple VLANs. If you don t have a trunk-capable NIC, but users are spread across multiple VLANs, you could use the IP helper feature on a Cisco router connected to the users VLANs and have the router forward the DHCP broadcasts to the DHCP server located in a different VLAN.
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Figure 10.19 AAL 5. This is used to transport variable-length frames. AAL 5 service data is encapsulated
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Related Standards and Specifications
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Figure 22.13 Optical isolator.
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D T N How and when did you get off the road in the past What did you experience as a result _______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ Describe how you are living your life forward. _______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ What is your vision for a better tomorrow What is your greatest hope _______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ I joyfully make the above commitments in this Soul Agreement and will review, update, and renew my commitments on the following date: ________________ _______________________________________________________________ Signature Date The purpose of creating a Sacred Agreement with yourself is to remind you of the importance of continuing the process of inner renewal, self-development, and lifelong learning. The frequency with which you revisit your Sacred Agreement is up to you. Some people revisit their Sacred Agreement every month; others do so only once a year. Let this agreement help you to solidify your overall relationship with your authentic self and your authentic power.
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FIGURE A.7. Construction of the logarithmic spiral.
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Given the hundreds of millions of Blu-ray players, DVD players, and CD players that play discs, and the millions of portable devices that play video from memory cards, plus the recognition that it will take another century or so before every media device on the planet is connected to a vast electronic delivery network, there is clearly a need to put electronically delivered content onto physical media to bridge the gap to the player. BDs and DVDs are the ultimate sneakernet for video.7 And, there's the tangibility factor. At some level, humans will never get past the ingrained notion that you do not really own something unless you can hold it in your hands (and show it off to your friends and neighbors). The fundamental idea of authorized recording is that protected content, usually delivered in a digital rights management (DRM) system, can be transferred to portable physical media
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Communications System Design
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Configuration files can reside in many locations, including RAM, nonvolatile RAM (NVRAM), or a TFTP server, among other places. Whenever you make changes to an IOS s configuration by typing in commands from Configuration mode, these changes are made in RAM. These changes can then be saved to NVRAM, which is a static form of memory in which, when the Cisco device is turned off, the contents are not erased and are available upon a power-up. IOS devices do not automatically back up the configuration file from RAM to NVRAM; this must be done manually. Configuration changes can also be saved to an external server using Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP), File Transfer Protocol (FTP), and Secure Copy Protocol (SCP) this, however, requires that you configure IP addressing and possibly a default gateway address on your IOS device. (These topics are discussed in s 12, 16, and 17.) The following sections discuss how you view your IOS device s configuration files as well as how to back up and restore your configuration files locally on your IOS device.
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4. To apply a dashed or dotted-line pattern to the path, click the Outline Style selector,
Because of their compact size, minimal mass, and relatively benign material content, audio discs, CD-ROMs, DVD-ROMs, and DVD-Video discs do not represent a severe threat to the land ll problem. However, with a bit of planning, discs and their packaging can be presented to customers in a form that makes it much easier to handle their natural life cycle. By minimizing packaging, reducing the amount of printing materials that accompany a title or a product, and providing a destination for disposing of worn, broken, or obsolete discs, the use of optical discs becomes a much more sustainable practice. Follow these guidelines when producing optical disc titles: Current trends disc publishing favor minimalism. Avoid gratuitous package- ll items, such as yers and brochures. You can include the same material on disc as Acrobat les or HTML content. Use packaging materials that are easy to recycle, and, ideally, treefree. Substitutes for paper-based packaging can be found materials such as kenaf, industrial hemp, banana, jute, recycled cloth waste, and recycled animal fodder. While more expensive than conventional packaging materials, these kinds of materials can add a distinctive appearance to your package and communicate to your customers that you follow sustainable business practices. Avoid plastic jewel cases when possible. These fragile, dif cult-torecycle components are not very environmentally friendly. Avoiding jewel cases can be dif cult when you are introducing a product in a marketplace, such as the audio CD retail outlets, where the standard strongly favors the jewel case because of shelving requirements and other issues. Nonetheless, many successful artists introduce their works in non-standard formats and use this as a selling point, rather than a negative factor. Exercise whatever persuasion you can with distributors and retail outlets to overcome the resistance to non-jewel-case packaging. Offer your customers a way to return a broken or obsolete disc. Just as Hewlett-Packard provides a shipping container and free shipping for their laser printer toner cartridges, disc producers can provide a prepaid shipping envelope to allow discs to be easily recycled.
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// Use the "catch all" catch. using System; class ExcDemo5 { static void Main() { // Here, numer is longer than denom. int[] numer = { 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512 }; int[] denom = { 2, 0, 4, 4, 0, 8 }; for(int i=0; i < numer.Length; i++) { try { Console.WriteLine(numer[i] + " / " + denom[i] + " is " + numer[i]/denom[i]); } catch { This catches all exceptions. Console.WriteLine("Some exception occurred."); } } } }
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