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Physical Plant The modern physical cable network is built upon a hybrid fiber-coax (HFC) architecture. At its simplest, this architecture is composed of optical fiber that connects the cable operator s head-end equipment to devices in the field (fiber nodes) that convert the signals from optical to electrical and vice-versa. Coaxial cable (coax) then connects the fiber nodes to the end devices located at the customers premises. Fiber nodes are typically not intelligent devices, in that they do not demodulate or process the signals that pass through them. They are physical layer devices that simply convert the signal from one form to the other. The network topology is the tree and branch type, with the head-end at the base of the tree and the end devices at the leaves. In the coax portion of the plant, the cable is split at each branch using a passive device known as a tap. This plant topology was originally designed to handle one way communications from a Community Antenna Television (CATV) operator s head-end to subscriber residences, and for that purpose, it is an efficient and high-performance topology. Return signals, however, are not handled as efficiently, nor with as high a performance level. In particular, the branching structure of the cable network offers many points for noise and interference to enter the plant and be carried to the head-end. Each unterminated connector in a subscriber location is an opportunity for the ingress of noise and interference that affects all customers served by the same fiber node. This property has been termed noise funneling and results in a significantly lower signal-to-noise ratio in the return path relative to the forward path. Spectrum Allocations
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byte sbyte short ushort int uint long ulong
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Talk to a bunch of programmers about programming languages, and in five minutes you ll find yourself embroiled in a religious war over features and methodologies. C is faster than C++. Python makes the best scripting language. No, Python is too slow, use Lua instead, and so on. Forget all that theorizing. The right programming language for a developer looking for a job is the language that most employers use. C++ and C C++ is now the language of retail game development, bar none, though some people still do things in pure C, its procedurally-oriented predecessor. If you re going to get a job as a programmer of PC or console games, you must learn C++. Java You won t find Java much in use for building large PC games or console products, but it turns up in Web-based games and all kinds of other, smaller devices even mobile phones. Java was designed specifically to allow the same program to run on a wide variety of machines, which makes it ideal for devices like personal digital assistants. Like C++, it s an object-oriented language. Some university computer science programs are starting to teach Java as their standard programming language, because it enforces better software engineering habits than C++ or C. However, Java is missing some important features that C++ includes, so it s not a substitute for learning C++. Assembly language You should learn at least one machine s assembly language as a training exercise, but you won t ever be required to program a whole game in it unless you re developing for something truly tiny like a Tamagotchi. The days when games were coded down on the bare metal are long gone. However, unless you re developing device-independent software, you should know the instruction set of any machine that you re programming, and be able to understand what the code is doing as you single-step through it in the debugger.
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Stallings, J. Michael and Stephen B. Franklin, Remaining Fatigue Life Estimates Using LRFD, Proceedings of ASCE Conference, 2000. Steel Bridge Design Handbook, Selecting the Right Bridge Type, 7, National Steel Bridge Alliance. Thompson, Paul D., Decision Support Analysis in Ontario s New Bridge Management System, Castle Rock, CO. Thompson, Paul D and Reed M. Ellis, Advanced Decision Support in the Ontario Bridge Management System. Thurgood, Travis, Marvin W. Haling and Paul J. Barr, Structural Health Monitoring of the Cherry Hill Bridge, Utah State University. Underwater Evaluation and Repairs of Bridge Components, Federal Highway Administration, Report No. FHWA-DP-98-1 Final Report, November 1995. Underwater Inspection of Bridges, Federal Highway Administration, Report No. FHWA-DP-80-1 Final Report, November 1989. Wang, Ming L., Fan L. Xu and George M. Lloyd, Health Assessment of a Post-Tensioned Concrete Bridge, University of Illinois at Chicago. Wells, Andrew, Asset Management Listen and Learn, Bridge Design and Engineering, Third Quarter 2001. Weston, Daniel F., Timothy J. Stuf e, Julia West, Harry W. Shenton III and Michael J. Chajes, Plan for Structural Health Monitoring of the Indian River Inlet Bridge, University of Delaware, Newark, DE. Wroclaw, Jan Bie , Neural Networks in Bridge Management Systems, University of Technology, Institute of Civil Engineering, Wyspianskiego, Poland, ASCE 2005.
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Message Alerting Function Sent by called endpoint to indicate that the called user is being alerted. Optional interim response sent by called endpoint or gatekeeper prior to sending of connect message. Indication that the called user has accepted the call. Comment
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his is a bit of a loose-ends chapter in which you finalize and quality-assure the universe, prepare universe documentation, and monitor system usage. If you have had close conversations with the business users and validated universe components as you added them, you may find that some of these steps are perfunctory. If, on the other hand, you built the universe in isolation and didn t test along the way, you will find this is an intensive time to revise the universe.
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Ethernet Private LAN Services (EPLAN)
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\b \f \n \r \t \" \' \\ \v \a The Character Escape Sequences \ \N \xN
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4. Here is a program that demonstrates Quicksort: // A simple version of the quicksort. using System; class Quicksort { // Set up a call to the actual quicksort method. public static void QSort(char[] items) { if(items.Length == 0) return; qs(items, 0, items.Length-1); } // A recursive version of quicksort for characters. private static void qs(char[] items, int left, int right) { int i, j; char x, y; i = left; j = right; x = items[(left+right)/2]; do { while((items[i] < x) && (i < right)) i++; while((x < items[j]) && (j > left)) j--; if(i <= j) { y = items[i]; items[i] = items[j]; items[j] = y; i++; j--; generate barcode 128
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Cascading Style Sheets 2.0 Programmer's Reference The top of the element s box is aligned with the top of the line box, in the context of inline content, or with the top of the table cell in the context of tables. text-top The top of the element s box is aligned with the top of the highest inline box in the line. middle The baseline of the element is aligned with the point defined by the baseline of the parent element plus half the x-height of the parent element s font, in the context of inline content. The middle of the element should be aligned with the middle of the table cell in the context of tables. bottom The bottom of the element s box is aligned with the bottom of the line box, in the context of inline content, or with the bottom of the table cell in the context of tables. text-bottom The bottom of the element s box is aligned with the bottom of the lowest inline box in the line. <percentage> The baseline of the element is raised or lowered by the given percentage of the value for the property line-height. Thus, a vertical-align value of 50% on a line which has a line-height of 18px will raise the baseline by 9 pixels. A percentage value of 0% for this property has the same effect as the value baseline. <length> The baseline of the element is raised or lowered by the given length value. Negative length values are permitted for this property. A length value of 0 for this property has the same effect as the value baseline. See the section on inline formatting in 1 for more details on the Note differences between line boxes, inline boxes, and the baseline. Support for vertical-align is less than exemplary in current Web browsers. Only with the advent of browsers such as Internet Explorer 5 for Macintosh and Opera 4 have Web browsers truly supported the behavior described in the CSS specification. Older browsers may evidence unexpected behaviors, generally in the form of misaligning elements. In most cases, there is minimal impact on the layout (something which the author will tolerate), but attempts at extreme typographic effects may be thwarted by browser limitations.
The System namespace defines several standard, built-in exceptions. All are derived from SystemException since they are generated by the CLR when runtime errors occur. Several of the more commonly used standard exceptions are shown in Table 13-1.
Service Domain LAN UNI UNI Provider Edge (PE) Provider Edge (PE) LAN
Convergence Sublayer (Mapping of Ethernet Packets)
Strengthening and Repair Work
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