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Measurement of scour depth using SHIFLO: It consists of a depth nder, which is mounted on a water ski. Depths can be taken at high velocities at locations under the bridge.
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We have been using classes since the start of this book. Of course, only extremely simple classes have been used, and we have not taken advantage of the majority of their features. Classes are substantially more powerful than the limited ones presented so far. Let s begin by reviewing the basics. A class is a template that defines the form of an object. It specifies both the data and the code that will operate on that data. C# uses a class specification to construct objects. Objects are instances of a class. Thus, a class is essentially a set of plans that specify how to build an object. It is important to be clear on one issue: A class is a logical abstraction. It is not until an object of that class has been created that a physical representation of that class exists in memory.
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acknowledgments, reliable connections through sequence numbers and acknowledgments, session multiplexing through port numbers and IP addresses, and segmentation through segment PDUs.
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First, notice that MyThread is passed a ManualResetEvent in its constructor. When MyThread s Run( ) method finishes, it calls Set( ) on that event object, which puts the
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Sales Production
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If one side is con gured for PPP and the other side is con gured with a different encapsulation type (such as HDLC), the interface status will be up, line protocol is down . If the physical and data link layers are up, line
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Inserting, Removing, and Replacing
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Lack of a Project Definition Document
// This program prints the alphabet in reverse order. #include <iostream> using namespace std; int main() { char letter; for(letter = 'Z'; letter >= 'A'; letter--) cout << letter; return 0; }
To set up IP on your router, you need to enable the routing protocol and
Can indexers be overloaded Yes. The version executed will be the one that has the closest type-match between its parameter(s) and the argument(s) used as an index.
The type of disc to be used is generally mandated by the size of the content. BD-5 and BD9 are the cousins to DVD-5 and DVD-9 and are single and dual layer discs, respectively, that have been premastered for the Blu-ray file structure. Using BD-5 or BD-9 means that you lose the copy protection scheme of ROM mark which is required for BD-25 and BD-50. Smaller projects (25 to 45 minutes of video) may be very appropriate for BD-5 and BD-9 discs and can be duplicated using recordable DVDs. BD-25 is a single layer disc and BD-50 is a dual layer disc. The added costs for BD-50 replication, which run about 25-50 percent more, mean that you want to pay attention to your bit budget. Exceeding a single layer disc s bit budget by even a few bits means a big difference in the replication costs if you have to move up to a BD-50 disc. Recordable discs, either DVD+/-R/RW or BD-R/RE, can be used for distribution of the final project as well as for prototypes and testing during development. One advantage of using recordable media is that AACS is not required. Beware that BD-R/RE is still very expensive compared to DVD recordable media. Also, the record times can be as long as 3 hours for a full BD-50 disc.
1.9 dB 3.3 dB 6.6 dB 8.9 dB 11.9 dB 17.3 dB 26.0 dB 27.9 dB 32.0 dB 50 ohm
Frame Relay is a fast packet-switching technology introduced in 1992. Its installed base has skyrocketed since its development and introduction in the industry. No one could have ever predicted just how popular this technique would become, but the final outcome is that Frame Relay has become the bread and butter service for many carriers. The reason is not as simple as one might believe; therefore, this chapter will explore the details of what has led to the popularity in Frame Relay installations. Moreover, some carriers have encountered problems with their installations because they did not understand the benefits or the operations of a Frame relay service. Unfortunately, this is the epitaph of the Telecommunications industry: the carriers (and specifically the long-distance carriers) do not understand data communications! Yes, they have some talented people on their staff, but they have always stifled these individuals who knew what was happening. Instead, the carriers let the voice and engineering folks become the spokespersons for the carriers in a data communications arena. How sad, they just never really got the point. Now in an era when all the voice carriers are trying to become data-literate and the data carriers are trying to become voice-literate, the voice people stand to lose in the overall transition because of the innate ability to mess up the data installation. Whenever we hear about a carrier s capability to handle data traffic, we seem to be mesmerized by the carrier s overall capabilities, instead of understanding specific characteristics for processing and delivering data communications.
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