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BusinessObjects 6.5
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// Encode or decode a message using a simple substitution cipher. using System; class Cipher { static int Main(string[] args) { // See if arguments are present. if(args.Length < 2) { Console.WriteLine("Usage: encode/decode word1 [word2...wordN]"); return 1; // return failure code } // If args present, first arg must be encode or decode. if(args[0] != "encode" & args[0] != "decode") { Console.WriteLine("First arg must be encode or decode."); return 1; // return failure code } // Encode or decode message. for(int n=1; n < args.Length; n++) { for(int i=0; i < args[n].Length; i++) {
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Part II:
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// Use into with group. using System; using System.Linq; class IntoDemo { static void Main() { string[] websites = { "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "" };
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Thermodynamics is the study of energy and how it operates in the physical universe. Statistical mechanics is the study of how probabilities and statistical averages of particles can be related to the overall thermodynamic measurements of a system. For example, the average speed (or average kinetic energy) of water molecules in a glass of water is directly related to the temperature of the water. The faster the water molecules are moving, the hotter the water. In biophysics, the particles whose statistics we are interested in are biomolecules or, sometimes, residues and subunits within biomolecules. Statistical mechanics provides a molecular interpretation to thermodynamic quantities. A molecular interpretation is an explanation of what the molecules or particles of a system are doing when the system undergoes some overall change. For example, a molecular interpretation is an answer to questions such as: What are the molecules doing when the temperature increases What, at a molecular level, causes an enthalpy change What happens to molecules when the entropy increases or decreases Statistical mechanics also places the molecular interpretation into a mathematical framework that can be used to calculate thermodynamic quantities. The calculated quantities can be used to compare with, or predict, the results of experiments.
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The interview is your opportunity to show off your talents and skills through the preparation you ve done. It s your big chance, and you don t want to blow it. Here are some things to keep in mind to make sure your presentation goes well: Rehearse and practice. A demo or portfolio isn t just a random collection of material; it s a presentation, and it should be structured to make a point. Know your material thoroughly, and be able to move through it smoothly. Rehearse, both by yourself and in front of someone else preferably a colleague who will understand what you re talking about. Don t over-rehearse to the point that you sound bored or glib, though. Your goal is to seem comfortable, confident, and justifiably proud but not conceited about your work. Anticipate questions. Get someone obnoxious and unpleasant we all know someone! to ask you hard questions as you practice your demo on them. Prepare your answers in advance. If the demo does something the viewer doesn t expect and might see as a flaw, be ready to explain it. Bring your own computer if at all possible. You don t want to delay things, and run into problems, trying to make your software work on someone else s machine. Bring your own laptop and everything you need. The only thing the company should have to provide is an electrical outlet. If your demo runs on a console machine, then you can use one of the company s own machines, but let them know in advance that you ll need one. The same goes for a videotape, audio CD, or DVD. Be sure of your gear. You never want to begin a demo, or any other presentation for that matter, with the words, I hope this works. Be absolutely
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You will need to be very comfortable not just with subnetting IP networks, but also with using VLSM to create efficient subnets. Remember the advantages of VLSM: efficient addressing, route summarization, and containment of layer 3 network problems. You need to know how to do VLSM, so remember the 6 steps: 1) find the largest segment; 2) choose a mask for this segment; 3) write down the network numbers; 4) take one of the subnets and apply a different mask to it; 5) write down the newly subnetted subnets; and 6) restart with step 4, if necessary. You will probably have to do something similar to this on the exam. Classless protocols advertise network numbers and subnet masks in their routing updates. Remember the advantages of route summarization. Understand the issues of discontiguous subnets and routing. Routers make routing decisions based on all 32 bits of a destination IP address, looking for the most number of matching bits for a network number and mask in the routing table. Don t be surprised if you see a question on the exam that asks about what route in a routing table will be used to reach a destination. Practice summarizing routes. Make sure you work through Exercises 8-1 and 8-2 and other exercises like them, since you might see questions similar to these on the exam. Remember that you are limited in time and can t afford to spend more than a minute or two on this process to answer such questions. Practice, practice, and more practice!
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Hewlett Packard s entry into the recordable CD marketplace was a cause for celebration by many of those involved in this industry. HP s reputation for quality, reliability, and design excellence has helped gain broad acceptance for CD-R technology in the marketplace. HP has also entered into partnering agreements with a number of other companies to provide unique combinations of matched hardware and software for specialized uses. The HP CD-Writer Plus M820e is a very small, highly portable CD-RW drive designed to connect to the PC Card slot of a laptop computer. Weighing less than a pound, the M820e is actually less than an inch thick and could make an ideal companion to your traveling PC for creating presentations on the road or generating custom CD one-offs containing marketing literature, databases, large PowerPoint les, or similar kinds of material suited for the capacities of CD-ROM. The M820e diminutive dimensions don t restrict its performance. It can perform write operations at 4x speed and read discs at 20x, extremely respectable performance for such a small package. As a backup device for your laptop or a nifty data distribution tool, the M820e combines the best features of CD-RW in a package that tucks neatly into a briefcase.
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repair of streets and potholes removal of snow collection of trash collection of recyclable goods repair of highway guard railings
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Table 10-1: A Summary of the X.25 and Frame Relay Services Service Speed of transmission X.25 Up to 64 Kbps Frame Relay Starts at 56 Kbps; up to 50 Mbps, depending on the vendor products
Improvement over DVD
TABLE A-2 Cloud Computing Resources
The prototype for log10( ) is in <math.h>. The log10( ) function returns the base 10 logarithm for num. A domain error occurs if num is negative, and a range error occurs if the argument is 0. log10l( ) is the long double version of this function.
Introducing Data Types and Operators
*ip = 100;
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The non-generic IComparer defines only one method, Compare( ), which is shown here: int Compare(object x, object y) Compare( ) compares x to y. To sort in ascending order, your implementation must return zero if the objects are equal, a positive value if x is greater than y, and a negative value if x is less than y. You can sort in descending order by reversing the outcome of the comparison. The method can throw an ArgumentException if the objects are not compatible for comparison. An IComparer can be specified when constructing a SortedList, when calling ArrayList.Sort(IComparer), and at various other places throughout the collection classes. The main advantage of using IComparer is that you can sort objects of classes that do not implement IComparable. The following program reworks the non-generic inventory program so that it uses an IComparer to sort the inventory list. It first creates a class called CompInv that implements IComparer and compares two Inventory objects. An object of this class is then used in a call to Sort( ) to sort the inventory list.
Options for Exception Handling
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