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Symbols, Notations, and Terminology
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The first use of extern has been available since the creation of C#. It indicates that a method is provided by unmanaged code that is not part of the program. In other words, that method is supplied by external code. To declare a method as external, simply precede its declaration with the extern modifier. The declaration must not include any body. Thus, the general form of an extern declaration is as shown here: extern ret-type meth-name(arg-list); Notice that no braces are used. In this use, extern is often used with the DllImport attribute, which specifies the DLL that contains the method. DllImport is in the System.Runtime.InteropServices namespace. It supports several options, but for most uses, it is sufficient to simply specify the name of the DLL that contains the extern method. In general, extern methods should be coded in C. (If you use C++, then the name of the method within the DLL might be altered with the addition of type decorations.) To best understand how to use extern methods, it is helpful to work through an example. The example consists of two files. The first is the C file shown here, which defines a method called AbsMax( ). Call this file ExtMeth.c.
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Foundations of Calculus
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SOLUTION Let the x-variable denote the position of the right end of the spring (Fig. 8.25), with x = 0 the rest position. The left end of the spring is pinned down. Imagine that the spring is being stretched to the right. We know that the force exerted by the spring has the form F (x) = kx, with k a negative constant (since the spring will pull to the left). Also F (0.5) = 10. It follows that k = 20, so that F (x) = 20x. Now the work done in moving the spring from position x to position x + x will be about (20x) x (the sign is + since we will pull the spring to the right against the pull of the spring). Thus the total work done in stretching the right end of the spring from x = 0 to x = 1/3 is W =
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Figure 5.5.1 Estimating process flow diagram. (Image courtesy of Webcor Builders.)
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o; Categories: a m Definition o n cj> Columns T $ a Primary ID 1 i Inde es % ! Triggers f ! Check ~ Extended w4 Notes Physical Name ProdNo ProdName ProdMfg ProdQOH ProdPrice ProdNextShipDate ( Data Type COUNTER VARCHAR(30) VARCHAR(IO) INTEGER CURRENCY DATETIME | Req'd PK | Notes Unique Product Number Product Name Product Manufacturer Name Product Quantity on Hand Product Price Product Next Shipping Date | * generate data matrix barcode
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One of the simplest techniques you can employ for improving sensor input is based on simple statistics. If the sensor has an occasional bad reading, try averaging several readings, and perhaps toss out the high- and low-value ranges; then adjust within the microcontroller as part of the software or firmware driving the sensor on the robot. Another simple and effective technique is to use hoods or shades over light detectors to avoid bright directional lights. Just about every robot competition has problems with lighting because the light in the arena is not identical to the light in the robot development environment. Having to clean up sensor data when another robot is using the same sensor that your robot is using can be tricky. For example, your sensor might pick up the transmitted infrared light from your opponent s sensors. This may give false distance or proximity readings to your bot. To overcome such a problem, you can use an infrared receiver sensor, such as an infrared phototransistor, and take a measurement just before using the GP2Dxx sensor. If the transistor detects an infrared signal, there is a chance that another robot is transmitting a signal toward your robot. If the transistor doesn t detect the presence of any infrared light, you can safely turn on your GP2Dxx sensor. To add more reliability, you could use the phototransistor to take another measurement just after the GP2Dxx measurement reading has been completed. The second reading will be used to determine whether your opponent has turned on his robot s sensor while you were using your sensor. As you can see, the overall sensor package becomes more complicated as you attempt to improve the reliability of the sensors. Most important, don t assume that a sensor is perfect or that its output is perfect. Figure out a way to observe the output from the sensors directly while operating in the competition environment for test runs. You can often adjust to the output of a sensor after you know how the sensor is behaving. Sensors can create much more sophisticated robotics behaviors that don t rely on constant human input to keep the robot going. The most robust robots typically have the most robust sensor input dictating the behavior of the robot.
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if the ladder is 40 feet high, then how much work does he do in climbing the ladder 8. Because of a prevailing wind, the force that opposes a certain runner is 3x 2 + 4x + 6 pounds at position x. How much work does this runner perform as he runs from x = 3 to x = 100 (with distance measured in feet) 9. Set up, but do not evaluate, the integrals for each of the following arc length problems. (a) (b) (c) (d) The length of the curve y = sin x, 0 x The length of the curve x 2 = y 3 , 1 x 8 The length of the curve cos y = x, 0 y /2 The length of the curve y = x 2 , 1 x 4
The new Jakway Park Bridge in Buchanan County, Iowa is one of the rst highway bridges in North America to be built with a new generation of ultra-high performance concrete (UHPC) pigirders. The bridge is 24 ft 3 in wide by 112 ft 4 in long. The UHPC center span is 51 ft 2 in. It is one of the rst North American highway bridge projects to incorporate batching of UHPC in a ready-mix truck. The Iowa Department of Transportation and the Bridge Engineering Center at Iowa State University designed the bridge; a combination of cast-in-place, simple span slabs with a center span consisting of a series of precast UHPC pi-girders. The Jakway Park Bridge has a clean, balanced and symmetrical appearance. The pro le is attractive and somewhat unique due to the nature of the approach slab sections meeting the precast pi-girder sections. It can certainly be considered an important technological advancement in the bridge building industry. Testing of the section by Turner-Fairbank validated the FEM analysis for exural and shear capacity in the longitudinal direction. The testing also con rmed that the stress in the transverse direction of the deck was unacceptable for service loading and a low transverse, live load distribution between adjacent pi-girders would require stiffening. Future research will address current design and production concerns and develop more ef cient beam designs to maximize UHPC s unique structural properties.
into the numerator. Thus g( x) = x + 2 Now lim g( x) = lim x + 2 = 4.
3, 4. GND at Pins 3 and 4 are for the charge pump and for the analog circuits respectively. Both can be short-circuited together and attached as directly as possible to system ground. 5. fIN should be AC-shorted to ground through a 100-pF capacitor. 6. fIN accepts the signal from the VCO s output through a series 20- to 200ohm resistor. The series resistor, whose value depends on the VCO s output power, will lower the power into the preselector, allowing most of this energy to be delivered to the load. 7. Vcc1 pin is the heavily bypassed DC analog power supply voltage input. The input voltage for this particular chip may be anywhere between 2.3 and 5.5 V; but must equal pin 15 s Vcc2 voltage. 8. OSCIN is the reference oscillator input for a CMOS 100-kilohm output resistance clock oscillator. A clean crystal clock input is vital for a lowphase-noise PLL output. 9. GND is digital ground. It should reach system ground by as direct a route as possible. 10. CE is the chip enable pin when power is down for power-saving operation. It can be tied to VCC if this feature is not required. 11. CLK is an input that accepts a CMOS clock signal from the channel select microcontroller for clocking data into pin 12. 12. DATA input accepts data from the microcontroller for the R counter, the N counter, and the function latch (which controls phase detector polarity, fast-lock modes, Fo/LD, counter reset, CP tristate, test modes, etc.), with the last two bits (control bits) informing the PLL as to whether the data should be sent to the R counter (0, 0), the N counter (1, 0), or the function latch (0,1) on command of pin 13, LE. 13. LE (load enable) pin controls when the PLL s registers will send data to the R, N, or function latches, depending on the control bits. 14. Fo/LD is an output pin that can typically be used as a lock detect (LD) output pin into a microprocessor, or into some out-of-lock alarm. A HIGH will be output when the PLL is in lock (on advanced PLL chips, such as with the National line, a trace may be taken from the lock detect (LD) pin back to the microprocessor. The pin, if digital lock detect is chosen by programming the proper PLL register, will output a HIGH as long as the VCO output frequency is locked. This HIGH or LOW signal can then be exploited by the microprocessor to indicate an unlocked condition by an LED warning on a display, or as an automatic shutdown of a runaway transmitter). 15. VCC2 is the digital power supply voltage input pin, and should be tied to pin 7, which is the analog power supply input. 16. Vp is the power supply for the charge pump circuit, and must be greater than VCC. (The DC control voltage into the VCO will always be a few
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