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Note the imbalances in row 20: in the first year, the imbalance is a positive number when we use the formula total liabilities (TL) shareholders equity (SHE) total assets (TA); in the second year, it is a negative number with the same formula. We could have written the formula as TA (TL SHE) and gotten to the same magnitude of difference. However, by doing it the way we did, we can follow the helpful clue that a positive difference indicates a need for an asset plug (the Surplus funds plug). Likewise, a negative number indicates a need for a liability plug (the Necessary to finance plug). Now that we know what the plugs are, as a quick way to illustrate what we want to get to, let s just enter them as hardcoded numbers in the respective cells on row 3: These two plugs on rows 3 and 9 are what we want to appear in the worksheet. For the next step, since we are in
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Avatar Generally, a character in a game who represents, and is controlled by, the player. Mario in Nintendo s Mario Brothers games is the player s avatar. Backstory The background story that precedes the events taking place in a game and usually explains the situation of the game. The backstory is sometimes printed as an introduction in the manual; more commonly it is shown as a non-interactive movie that the player sees before starting the first level of a game. Occasionally, the backstory is not given to the player in advance, but revealed to her over time during the course of the game (this is the normal procedure for mysteries). In the movie Star Wars, Luke Skywalker s secret heritage, which he gradually comes to learn, is part of the backstory. Beta (test) When a game in development reaches the point that all the features are present in the software and all the assets have been created, it is said to be at beta. At this point beta-testing can begin; the game can be tested with all its assets. In open beta-testing, members of the public are allowed to help test the game. Blue screen
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// Demonstrate bool values. using System; class BoolDemo { static void Main() { bool b; b = false; Console.WriteLine("b is " + b); b = true; Console.WriteLine("b is " + b); // A bool value can control the if statement. if(b) Console.WriteLine("This is executed."); b = false; if(b) Console.WriteLine("This is not executed."); // Outcome of a relational operator is a bool value. Console.WriteLine("10 > 9 is " + (10 > 9)); } }
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e-Drive Magazine
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11: Using I/O
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SIP Network Entities
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Enter your Google username and password at the prompts. Now you can see your application on App Engine and all you need to do is open up a web browser and enter Obviously, this is a very simple, very basic example. You can do much more with the Google App Engine SDK. You can find out more information on development from whatever vendor you get an SDK for.
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to point to the new host server. NOTE The IMA service must be running on these servers for the command to execute properly. This must be done before executing dsmaint config on the new host server as specified in the next step. Otherwise, the other servers in the farm cannot write to the database. 4. On the new host server, execute the dsmaint config command to point the IMA service to the newly created DSN file from step 2.
The first time strtok( ) is called, str1 is actually used in the call. Subsequent calls use a null pointer for the first argument. In this way the entire string can be reduced to its tokens. It is important to understand that the strtok( ) function modifies the string pointed to by str1. Each time a token is found, a null is placed where the delimiter was found. In this way strtok( ) continues to advance through the string. It is possible to use a different set of delimiters for each call to strtok( ).
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String Literals
12. What are the two kinds of conversion operators Show their general forms. 13. What is a collection What namespace are the generic collections in 14. What interface is implemented by all generic collections 15. What keyword is used to declare a partial class What keyword is used to declare a partial
TABLE 20-2 Buttons in the Query Panel Toolbar
With the Omni II, consoles cannot be more than 1,000 feet away from the control panel. Check the requirements of your own security system for maximum distances. If your house is big enough to have a console 1,000 feet away, you are probably not reading this book because Jeeves is installing the system for you. This is more of a factor to consider when installing more than one console. With each console installed, the range decreases. For example, if two consoles are installed, the range for each is 500 feet. If eight consoles are installed (the maximum number allowed), the range is cut to 125 feet.
getw( ), printf( ), fwrite( )
Impedance, ohms 50
26: Frame Relay
If a line has slope m, then, for each unit of motion from left to right, the line rises m units. In the last example, the line rises 3/2 units for each unit of motion to the right. Or one could say that the line rises 3 units for each 2 units of motion to the right.
The Common Language Runtime manages the execution of .NET code. Here is how it works: When you compile a C# program, the output of the compiler is not executable code. Instead, it is a file that contains a special type of pseudocode called Microsoft Intermediate Language (MSIL). MSIL defines a set of portable instructions that are independent of any specific CPU. In essence, MSIL defines a portable assembly language. One other point: although MSIL is similar in concept to Java s bytecode, the two are not the same. It is the job of the CLR to translate the intermediate code into executable code when a program is run. Thus, any program compiled to MSIL can be run in any environment for which the CLR is implemented. This is part of how the .NET Framework achieves portability. Microsoft Intermediate Language is turned into executable code using a JIT compiler. JIT stands for Just-In-Time. The process works like this: When a .NET program is executed, the CLR activates the JIT compiler. The JIT compiler converts MSIL into native code on demand as each part of your program is needed. Thus, your C# program actually executes as native code even though it is initially compiled into MSIL. This means that your program runs nearly as fast as it would if it had been compiled to native code in the first
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