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3.21.5 Improving Knowledge Databases
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The precision specifier follows the minimum field width specifier (if there is one). It consists of a period followed by an integer. Its exact meaning depends upon the type of data to which it is applied. When you apply the precision specifier to floating-point data using the %f, %e, or %E specifiers, it determines the number of decimal places displayed. For example, %10.4f displays a number at least ten characters wide with four decimal places. If you don t specify the precision, a default of six is used for %e, %E and %f. When the precision specifier is applied to %g or %G, it specifies the number of significant digits. Applied to strings, the precision specifier specifies the maximum field length. For example, %5.7s displays a string at least five and not exceeding seven characters long. If the string is longer than the maximum field width, the end characters will be truncated. When applied to integer types, the precision specifier determines the minimum number of digits that will appear for each number. Leading zeros are added to achieve the required number of digits. The following program illustrates the precision specifier:
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The Project Explorer shown in Figure 30-4 can be switched on by choosing View | Project Explorer or by pressing CTRL+R. It lists all the loaded projects (GMS files) and all the modules that they contain separated into folders. It is simple to use the Project Explorer to keep your VBA code organized. You can perform various filing operations within the Project Explorer, including creating new modules, importing and exporting modules, and deleting modules. These are explained next:
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It may be mentioned that higher orders are possible than 5-6-7-8-9 to control the jerk of the follower motion, but they are not justi ed in view of the additional effort necessary and fabrication inaccuracies that will exist. Furthermore, the changes in contour are negligible, being in the tens of thousandths of an inch.
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Creating and Saving Texture Samples
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Disc Sleeves and Envelopes
If a network element doesn t process the SPE, a concatenated SPE containing a PRBS can be used to quickly check for error-free operation under traffic conditions. If a full SPE (140 Mbps, DS3, etc.) payload is being carried, a PRBS can be contained within a correctly framed signal within the payload.
7. A. VLSM allows you to summarize subnets back to the Class A, B, or C network boundary. B is a non-subnetted address space and therefore is a Class A, B, or C network number and can t be summarized with VLSM, but it can be summarized with CIDR.
A 64-year-old woman had a pigmented lesion on her left lower leg for several years that recently began to get bigger. 1. Pigment network and brown globules diagnose a melanocytic lesion. 2. There is significant asymmetry of color and structure as well as the multicomponent global pattern. 3. There is an irregular pigment network and irregular brown not red dots and globules. 4. The nodular component of this melanoma is amelanotic. 5. In a nodular lesion suspicious for melanoma, sequential digital monitoring is contraindicated.
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