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The average and burst rate were described previously in the Basic Threat Detection Configuration section. Actually, if you have already configured the thresholds with basic threat detection, the scanning threat detection will use these configured thresholds. If you configure the rate interval in the command just shown, this applies to the average rate. The rate interval can range from 300 to 2,592,000 seconds (30 days). The burst rate interval takes this rate and divides it by 60. If the number is less than 10 seconds, it is rounded up to 10 seconds. You can configure up to three of these commands with different rate intervals. For each event the appliance is monitoring that it considers a scanning attack, it compares it with the average and burst rate limits. If either limit is exceeded, the device is considered a target, and the security appliance generates a log message and optionally shuns the attack, depending on whether you configured the shun parameter in the threat-detection scanning-threat command.
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A router with a synchronous serial interface: this provides the data link framing and terminates the WAN connection.
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Enabling client updates is a two-step process: 1. Turn the feature on. 2. Define where the software is located and the recommended version(s) the client should be running. To enable the auto update feature, execute the client-update enable command:
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How do you overcome the problem The bottom of Figure 6-7 shows one key. If you introduce a second winding that is physically at right angles to the main stator winding, you induce a rotor current out of phase with the main rotor current that is sufficient to start the motor. This split phase induction motor design or some variation of it is the one you are most likely to encounter on typical smaller motors that power fans, pumps, shop motors, etc. To maximize the electrical phase difference between the two windings, the resistance of the starting winding is much higher and its induction is much lower than the running winding. To minimize excessive power dissipation and possible temperature rise after the motor is up and running, a shaft-mounted centrifugal switch is connected in series with the starting winding that opens at about three-fourths of synchronous speed. Figure 6-7 looks like a representation of a shunt motor: the smaller split-phase induction motor speed characteristics look like those of DC shunt motors, but their starting torque is much greater. The most common split-phase induction motor is one that uses a capacitor-start, also shown in Figure 6-7. The capacitor automatically provides a greater electrical phase difference than inductive windings. This greater phase difference nearly 90 electrical degrees also gives capacitor-start split-phase induction motors a much higher starting torque (three to five times rated torque is common). The principle was discovered quite early by Charles Steinmetz and others, but capacitor technology had to catch up before it could be widely introduced on production motors. Capacitor-start design variations include two types: separate starting and running capacitors; and permanent capacitor with no centrifugal cutout switch. The two-capacitor approach brings you the best of both the starting and the running worlds; the permanent capacitor type gives you superior speed control during operation at the expense of lower starting torque. The other common split-phase induction motor design, called shaded pole, applies mostly to smaller motors; you are more likely to find it in your electric alarm clock than in your EV, so we ll skip it here.
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Digital-signal source
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The Internet Protocol (IP)
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Every time you see Darth Vader s TIE fighter swoop past the Death Star, you re seeing one of the oldest photographic special effects, compositing. It s the combining of two images into one. Once something limited to movie studios and photographers with more obsession than sense, combining photos is something you can easily master in an hour or so. But enough with preamble. The play bell is ringing.
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Each container has an allocator defined for it. Allocators manage memory allocation for a container. The default allocator is an object of class allocator, but you can define your own allocators, if needed, for specialized applications. For most uses, the default allocator is sufficient.
TABLE 22-9
MTP level 1 SS7 levels
Private Network Technologies 334 Local Area Networks
Appendix B
Point-to-Point EVC 1: UNI 1, UNI 3 EVC 2: UNI 2, UNI 3 No. Mapped VLAN ID for Use with Multi-homed ISPs (if required) No Deliver Unconditionally for each UNI Pair Deliver Unconditionally for each UNI Pair Deliver Unconditionally for each UNI Pair N/A3 IEEE 802.3 x MAC Control Frames N/A Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP) N/A IEEE 802.1 x Port Authentication N/A Generic Attribute Registration Protocol (GARP) N/A Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) Only 1 CoS Supported. Frame Delay < 30 ms (95th percentile), Frame Jitter: N/S10, Frame Loss < 0.1%
// Objects are passed by reference. using System; class Test { public int a, b; public Test(int i, int j) { a = i; b = j; } /* Pass an object. Now, ob.a and ob.b in object used in the call will be changed. */ public void Change(Test ob) { ob.a = ob.a + ob.b; ob.b = -ob.b; } }
*Dr. Fruchter can be reached at for copies of her articles and further information regarding her work.
#include <iostream.h>
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