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risk assessments to confirm that adequate control activities are in place to mitigate risk and that risks to objectives are properly managed. In addition, information regarding risk, activities, and deficiencies should be reported through the organization and in a timely manner and responded to. Evaluation and monitoring of activities to ensure that objectives are met should be done on a continual basis, with corrective actions being taken when necessary.
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By using some algebraic manipulations, we can reduce a variety of indeterminate limits to expressions which can be treated by l H pital s Rule. We explore some of these techniques in this section.
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The router contains the following components in ROM: POST, bootstrap program, ROM Monitor (ROMMON), and Mini-IOS. POST performs hardware tests. The bootstrap program finds and loads the IOS. ROMMON provides basic access to the router to perform testing and troubleshooting. The configuration register affects how the router boots up. By default, POST is run, the bootstrap program is loaded, the IOS image is located, and the configuration file is executed. You can change this by using boot system commands or by changing the configuration register value. The show version command displays the current register value and what it will be upon a reload. The default register value is typically 0x2102. For the password recovery, use 0x2142.
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3.0 2.5 Fiber Attenuation (dB/km) 2.0 1.5 1.0 0.5
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the area of the circle and a constructor that uses base to initialize the TwoDShape portion.
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In the Save Style As dialog, select only those formatting options that you want as part of the style. If, for example, you select the Text option but clear the Fill and Outline options, then applying this new style to some text will only modify the type-related properties and will keep the existing fill and outline. Give the style a new, unique name. Click OK, and the style is created and ready for use on the Graphic And Text docker, which is opened by pressing CTRL+F5 and choosing Window | Dockers | Graphic And Text Styles. With the Text Tool, you drag the title of your saved style and drop it onto a text object you want formatted. Alternatively, right-click the Text object and choose Styles | Apply in the pop-up menu; then choose the style you want from the list. When a Text object is selected with the Pick Tool, double-clicking a saved style on the Graphic and Text docker s list of styles will apply that style to the Text object.
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target for the Envelope effect, and then choose the Interactive Envelope Tool from the Toolbox. Notice that the Property Bar shows envelope options. The more intricate the object, the more noticeable the effect will be. In general, don t choose a rectangular shape to which you want to apply a rectangular envelope; the effect would be more or less defeated.
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tion is usually implemented as collision detection, as well as the confirmation that a frame has arrived intact at its destination, usually through the use of a checksum. The data link layer is concerned only with communications on a local area network. At the data link layer, there are no routers (or routing protocols). Instead, the data link layer should be thought of as a collection of locally connected computers to a single physical medium. Data link layer standards and protocols are only concerned with getting a frame from one computer to another on that local network. Examples of data link layer standards include: LAN protocols Ethernet, Token Ring, ATM, FDDI, and Fibre Channel are protocols that are used to assemble a stream of data into frames for transport over a physical medium (the physical layer) from one station to another on a local area network. These protocols include error correction, primarily through collision detection, collision avoidance, synchronous timing, or tokens. 802.11 MAC/LLC This is the data link portion of the well-known Wi-Fi (wireless LAN) protocols. Common carrier packet networks MPLS (MultiProtocol Label Switching), Frame Relay, and X.25 are packet-oriented standards for network services provided by telecommunications carriers. Organizations that required pointto-point communications with various locations would often obtain a Frame Relay or X.25 connection from a local telecommunications provider. X.25 has been all but replaced by Frame Relay, and now Frame Relay is being replaced by MPLS. ARP (Address Resolution Protocol) This protocol is used when one station needs to communicate with another and the initiating station does not know the receiving station s network link layer (hardware) address. ARP is prevalent in TCP/IP networks, but is used in other network types as well. PPP and SLIP These are protocols that are used to transport TCP/IP packets over point-to-point serial connections (usually RS-232). SLIP is now obsolete, and PPP is generally seen only in remote access connections that utilize dialup services. Tunneling PPTP (Point to Point Tunneling Protocol), L2TP (Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol), and other tunneling protocols were developed as a way to extend TCP/IP (among others) from a centralized network to a branch network or a remote workstation, usually over a dial-up connection. In the data link layer, stations on the network must have an address. Ethernet and Token Ring, for instance, use MAC (Media Access Control) addressing. Most other multistation protocols also utilize some form of addressing for each device on the network. OSI Layer 3: Network The purpose of the OSI network layer is the delivery of messages from one station to another via one or more networks. The network layer can process messages of any length, and will fragment messages so that they are able to fit into packets that the network is able to transport.
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example, if the value 1.23 is assigned to an integer, the resulting value will simply be 1. The 0.23 is lost. The following program demonstrates some type conversions that require casts. It also shows some situations in which the casts cause data to be lost.
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and the more complex the better, and then open the View Manager docker window (CTRL+F2).
_ _property specifies a property, which is a member function that gets or sets the value of a member variable. Properties provide a convenient means to control access to private or protected data.
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The prototype for rename( ) is found in <stdio.h>. The rename( ) function changes the name of the file specified by oldfname to newfname. The newfname must not match any existing directory entry. The rename( ) function returns 0 if successful and non-0 if an error has occurred. If an error occurs, then errno is set to one of these values: ENOENT EEXIST ENOTSAM File does not exist Filename already exists Device not the same
func(mike.x); func2(mike.y); func3(mike.z); func4(mike.s); func(mike.s[2]); /* /* /* /* /* passes passes passes passes passes character value of x */ integer value of y */ float value of z */ address of string s */ character value of s[2] */
6. Thinking Critically Do you think simple models can be used to accurately predict
application by clearing the Show All Devices check box from the View menu.
For example, telnet us-den-ctx01 1494. The response should be ICAICAICA, which is an ICA banner from the Citrix server. This output will continue until the Telnet session is broken or times out. If this does not appear, there may be a problem with the listeners. Not enough idle sessions are available. By default, two idle sessions are available for logons. If more than two connections are made before one of the idle sessions frees up, an error is received on the client when trying to connect. Typically, if the user attempts to connect again, they will be able to log on. If errors of this nature occur during peak login times, increase the number of idle sessions by editing the following Registry key: HKLM\System\ CurrentControlSet\ Control\Terminal Server\IdleWinStationPoolCount. Network issues are present. This could be on the server or client side of the network. The main items to verify include, Are the server s network cards functioning properly Are routers and switches between the client and server configured correctly Are firewall settings blocking ICA traffic Are client network cards configured and functioning properly As mentioned earlier, one of the best ways to establish connectivity to the XenApp server is to run the following from a command prompt:
// Demonstrate a reference constraint. using System; class MyClass { //... } // Use a reference constraint. class Test<T> where T : class { T obj; public Test() { // The following statement is legal only // because T is guaranteed to be a reference // type, which can be assigned the value null. obj = null; } // ... } class ClassConstraintDemo { static void Main() { // The following is OK because MyClass is a class. Test<MyClass> x = new Test<MyClass>(); // The next line is in error because int is a value type. Test<int> y = new Test<int>(); } }
The following considerations were adopted by the author: 1. For the required distance between abutments of 240 feet, the possibilities are: One single span of 240 feet Two equal spans of 120 feet Two unequal spans of perhaps 100 feet and 140 feet length Three equal spans of 80 feet each Three unequal spans. The use of unequal spans in urban areas is more frequent when required horizontal clearance from the new pier to a skew railway track is considered mandatory. However, by providing a guide rail in place of the 30-foot minimum horizontal clearance, abutments and piers can be protected and the span length reduced. 2. The number of girders and spacing: Equal spacing (preferably between 6 and 12 feet) is most desirable. Fewer but deeper girders may reduce the minimum vertical clearance to16 feet 6 inches. It is desirable to use an odd number of girders (with the middle girder logistically placed to carry a median barrier). For future staging, a longitudinal construction joint at the top ange of the middle girder location helps. 3. The fascia girder needs to be designed independently of the interior girder. However, the fascia girder is generally lighter than the interior girder and the latter is used in place of the fascia. For future widening it is important to have equal strength girders. Through girders are not generally used due to a lack of redundancy. The risk of failure is greater. The minimum number of repeated girders is four. 4. Effect of deck overhang: Overhang deadweight negative moment at the fascia girder reduces deck positive midspan moment in the adjacent panel. Without an overhang, fascia girder web is subjected to out-of-plane bending and torsion. For arriving at an optimum cantilever span length: Maximum negative dead load moment at fascia Maximum positive dead load moment at midspan of deck panel. It can be calculated as: wd1 (L1)2/2 wd2 (L2) 2/10; L1 L2/(5)0.5 if wd1 wd2 5. Generally overhang is made thicker than the deck. The additional weight of the parapet at the edge of the overhang compensates for one truck wheel on the deck panel. The other wheel is assumed to act at or near fascia girder. Maximum overhang span is restricted to 5 feet due to expected large de ection at the free end of the cantilever which supports a parapet weight of 600 lbs/ft. 6. Full composite action between slab and beam is assumed due to adequate use of shear connectors. Composite action helps in distributing dead loads from parapets, median barrier, and sidewalks to longitudinal girders equally. 7. Resolving dif cult issues such as right-of-way, environmental permits, and utilities relocation may increase design or construction time. 8. Planning for minimum dead weight: In seismic zones it is important to minimize inertia forces.
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