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The AMC provides the ability to group servers and applications into folders. There is no correlation between AMC folders and Program Neighborhood, Web Interface, or Program Neighborhood Agent folders displayed within application sets. The AMC folders help to manage a large number of servers and increase the performance of the AMC because the AMC queries data only for the servers or applications in the current folder view. One way to increase the response time of the AMC is to divide the list of servers into folders based on their zones or location (see Figure 18-6).
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Securing your cloud sessions is especially important as security is one of the top reasons businesses are reluctant to join the cloud. Securing your cloud sessions can be accomplished via encryption and authentication. The most prevalent means of web encryption comes standard on every browser. Authentication is another matter, with several options open to you. In this section we ll talk about the widely used Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) for encryption, and one means of authentication, OpenID. print barcode zebra
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rely on the graphic artist.
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Applications Databases
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Figure 3.23 The SDH/ SONET multiplex hierarchy is based on synchronous byte interleaving without positive justification. Each hierarchy rate is exactly four times the rate below.
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5. What IOS command will display the version of software your device is running A. show startup-config B. show flash
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Before you can create and manage packages, a network account must be created in Active Directory that has permission to interact with the file systems and XenApp server to install packaged applications. In the Presentation Server Console, right-click the Installation Manager Node and select Properties. In the left pane, select Network Account and enter the account created earlier. Microsoft Office 2003 uses a Microsoft Installer (MSI) package for unattended installation. The MSI file for Microsoft Office 2003 is PROPLUS.msi. For this example, we use a custom transforms file we created prior to this process. This same procedure should work for any MSI file. For more information on creating a custom transforms file, refer to Microsoft s documentation and procedures. To create a Installation Manager package for Office 2003, perform the following steps: 1. Create a folder for Office 2003 on the IM network share server (server B). 2. Insert the Microsoft Office 2003 CD-ROM or connect to a network share with Office 2003. 3. Open a command prompt or run the command on server A. 4. Change drives to either the CD-ROM drive or the network share with Microsoft Office 2003. 5. Type the following:
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For this macro, you recorded two distinct actions. So, the code is longer and has more parts to it:
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VPI/VCI (Virtual Path Identifier/Virtual Channel Identifier), used to identify cells for routing. PT (Payload Type), used to indicate whether the cell contains user or management information.
Before distributing the universe to the users, it is good to have a quality assurance session to review the universe. Table 16-3 provides a checklist that covers recommendations from the previous chapters. A spreadsheet version of this is available via various web sites (Publisher, BOB, and my consulting partners). A review session is different from an integrity check; the integrity check ensures that the universe is technically correct but does nothing to ensure that the universe follows best practices or will be successful with the users. The following people should ideally be involved in a quality assurance review: DBA The DBA will help verify the correctness of certain SQL statements, assess their impact on response time if there are advanced SQL functions, consider join strategies to generate the fastest queries possible, and identify opportunities to create aggregate tables and to tune indexes for popular condition objects. Data modeler/architect The data modeler or architect will help identify any possible problems with joins that arise from missing data for example, if a particular field is not required. This person can also review business terminology, object descriptions, customized lists of values, use of derived tables and aliases (CUSTOMER versus CUSTOMER_SHIP_TO versus CUSTOMER_SOLD_TO). A source system expert may also be helpful in this role. Power user/report authors Power users and report authors will provide input on the overall appearance, organization, and functionality of the universe. Did you, as the designer, actually deliver what they hoped for Will they be able to build the reports they need to build using the current design of the universe Power users will also provide input on similar items to the data modeler. Other designers If your company has multiple universe designers, it s useful to get an objective opinion from another designer on the universe. This is an excellent way to share tips and techniques and to provide a consistent user interface across universes (as an alternative to linked universes). As companies increasingly deploy business intelligence as an enterprise solution, some have developed competency centers or centers of BI excellence. These competency centers would maintain and add to the quality assurance checklist to ensure best practices are documented and adhered to. With the competency center, individual business units may have their own universe designers but the competency center facilitates a quality assurance review to provide an additional level of expertise and quality control. Alternatively, designers may be staffed within the competency center, but the design review process ensures that all universe designers are adhering to best practices.
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Example: Wordcap([Customer Name]) returns "John Smith" when [Customer Name]="JOHN SMITH".
The second #pragma option is checksum. It is used to generate checksums for ASP.NET projects. It has this general form. #pragma checksum lename {GUID} check-sum Here, filename is the name of the file, GUID is the globally unique identifier associated with filename, and check-sum is a hexadecimal number that contains the checksum. This string must contain an even number of digits.
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