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This is step two. Look at your big picture first. Before you buy, build, or convert, decide what the main mission of your EV will be: a high-speed dragster to quietly blow away unsuspecting opponents at a stoplight; a long-range flyer to be a winning candidate at Electric Auto Association meetings; or a utility commuter vehicle to take you to work or grocery shopping, with capabilities midway between the former two. Your EV s weight is of primary importance to any design, but high acceleration off the line will dictate one type of design approach and gear ratios, while a long-range design will push you in a different direction. If it s a utility commuter EV you seek, then you ll want to preserve a little of both while optimizing your chassis flexibility toward either highway commuting or neighborhood hauling and pickup needs. In this section, you ll learn how to match your motor-drivetrain combination to the body style you ve selected by going through the following steps: Learn when to use horsepower, torque, or current units, and why Look at a calculation overview Determine the required torque needs of your selected vehicle s chassis Determine the available capabilities of your selected electric motor and drivetrain torque. The design process described here can be infinitely adapted to any EV you want to buy, build, or convert.
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IP Multicast
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Creating Extraordinary, Complex Blend Effects
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1. Using two screws, mount the amplifier to an easy-to-access location near an AC power receptacle. 2. Connect the source signal (cable, antenna, DVD player, etc.) to CABLE IN. 3. Connect modulator output to MOD IN. 4. Connect OUTPUT jacks to distribute the signal to your zones. 5. Connect power supply using coaxial cable to DC12V INPUT.
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Dryout Like the Smudge Brush, the Roughen Brush can dry out at the end of a stroke you drag with the cursor. The range of dryout effect is from 10 (the stroke tapers in the opposite direction in which you click-drag) to 10 (the stroke tapers and fades). At 0, the stroke remains consistent. The greater the dryout setting, negative or positive, the more natural a roughened appearance you can achieve. Tilt This option measures your stroke with the Roughen Brush perpendicular to the edge on which you stroke. Therefore, if you have an edge that travels straight up and down, at a 90 setting you ll achieve very little effect. In your experiments with this tool, try 45 , an overall good setting for all angles of edges on most objects. When you roughen an edge that already has roughening applied, you overwrite the previous distortion of that edge. Figure 11-10 shows two examples of the Roughen Brush; at left a small nib is used at a low Frequency, and at right a large nib is used at high Frequency.
Part I:
the outcome of a & b is a ThreeD object, which in this case is a true object. Since the operators true and false are defined, this resulting object is subjected to the true operator, and a bool result is returned. In this case, the result is true and the if succeeds. Because the necessary rules have been followed, the short-circuit operators are now available for use on ThreeD objects. They work like this. The first operand is tested by using operator true (for ||) or operator false (for &&). If it can determine the outcome of the operation, then the corresponding & or | is not evaluated. Otherwise, the corresponding overloaded & or | is used to determine the result. Thus, using a && or || causes the corresponding & or | to be invoked only when the first operand cannot determine the outcome of the expression. For example, consider this statement from the program:
Examples: RelativeDate(CurrentDate(); 30) returns 9/1/2005 when CurrentDate()=8/2/2005. RelativeDate([Invoice Date]; 45) returns 7/16/2005 when [Invoice Date]=6/1/2005.
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Most VBA macros written for CorelDRAW X3 should work in CorelDRAW X4 without any modifications. Copy the GMS files from one folder to another. However, some macros might fail to work because of minor changes to the Object Model, or because they explicitly reference the CorelDRAW X3 object instead of referencing the CorelDRAW object. If a macro doesn t run, you ll have to edit it using the Macro Editor (ALT+F11). The GMS files are usually stored in the Program Files\Corel\CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X4\Draw\GMS folder. If you don t have access to this folder, you should find the GMS files in C:\Documents and Settings\UserName\Application Data\Corel\CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X4\User Draw\GMS.
You should use only multi-stranded wires the more strands, the better. Do not use solid core wires because they have the tendency to break due to the vibrations and impacts within the robot. Most wires use PVC for the insulation; but for higher temperature handling capability and flexibility, use wires with Tefzel, Kapton, Teflon, or Silicone insulation.
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Cable Plant Testing and Maintenance Procedures
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