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Soul-Connected Personality
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Maintaining Interest
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Getting Ready for BusinessObjects XI
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rapid restoration via spare facilities or rerouting. Often, however, someone with portable test tools actually pinpoints the problem and carries out the repair. Dispatching a trained person to a local site is time-consuming and can be expensive. It is therefore important that he or she has a complete set of tools to complete the job with one visit. In many cases, the trouble site is inside a building, perhaps through security checkpoints and an elevator ride away from the parked repair van. This calls for a multifunction tester that can facilitate troubleshooting and confirm
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if(!mystream.is_open()) { cout << "File is not open.\n"; // ...
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Copying a Blend Through the Toolbox
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Data Modeling
indicator and can tell the X10 to IR Linc whether a given component is on or off. This would be useful, again, to indicate whether a component was left on.
Dim shs as Shapes Set shs = ActiveSelection.Shapes
As an exercise graph the original hction, showing the non-existence at x = 1. Another category of h c t i o n that is understood with the help of limits is polynomial fractions, where the higher power polynomial is in the denominator rather than the numerator. The simplest fimction to look at is y = 1/ x . (The product of two variables equaling a constant describes certain relationships. For example, pressure and volume for a fixed amount of gas at constant temperature is described by pV = const; the cost of comparable real estate times the commuting distance fi-om a major commercial center is described by RD = const .)
Example of asymmetrical dwell-rise-fall-dwell cam
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