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Stir Up Drama
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The actual data needed by business decision makers varies based on their functional role: A vice president of finance will look at different metrics than the vice president of human resources, for example. 4 will delve more into different business areas and what some of the key metrics are for various departments within a company.
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The radial, disk, or plate cam is one in which the position of the follower is determined by radial distances from the cam axis. Figure 1.9 shows a radial open groove cam with oscillating roller follower used on a hosiery-making machine. The radial cam is by far the most popular because of its simplicity and compactness. Cams of this type are the yoke cams, conjugate cams, wiper cams, roller cams, and circular-arc cams. The yoke cam is a positive-drive cam enclosed by a follower with opposite rollers or surfaces a constant distance apart. The rollers or surfaces may or may not be diametrically opposite of each other. The follower may translate or oscillate. Figure 1.10 shows a single-disk surface yoke cam with a translating follower. Control of follower action on single-disk cams is limited to 180 degrees of cam rotation. The other 180 degrees are
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Tapping into the Java Virtual Machine
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NDS, Citrix Presentation Servers running the Novell Client and that use Dynamic Local User functionality should be members of a workgroup, and not members of a domain. The Dynamic Local User feature of Novell ZENworks for Desktops must be used in this configuration. To implement Presentation Server in an NDS environment, designate application servers to host applications and content published only for NDS users. These servers must run version 4.81 or later of the Novell Client for Windows NT/2000 and MetaFrame XP, Feature Release 3 or later. Figure 6-1 illustrates the required layout of a Citrix Presentation Server farm supporting NDS. The following software must be installed for Citrix Presentation Server to successfully access NDS: On the NDS server (a server supporting NDS authentication and responding to NDS queries from clients): NDS eDirectory 8.5 for Windows or for Novell NetWare 5 with Support Pack 6 or later, or for Novell NetWare 5.1 with Support Pack 2 or later, or Netware 6 and later.
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The DVD-Audio format added a slideshow feature for showing pictures while audio plays. The pictures may appear automatically at preselected points in the program, or the viewer can choose to browse them at will, independent of the audio. Although the DVD-Video format also supports programmed slideshows, it does not support browsable pictures that do not interrupt the audio. This feature is handy for displaying lyrics of songs as they play. Blu-ray carries on the tradition of browsable slideshows with uninterrupted music.
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select new { Name = item.Name, InStock = entry.InStock };
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// Demonstrate a using alias. using System; // Create an alias for Counter.CountDown. using MyCounter = Counter.CountDown; // Declare a namespace for counters. namespace Counter { // A simple countdown counter. class CountDown { int val; public CountDown(int n) { val = n; } public void Reset(int n) { val = n; } public int Count() { if(val > 0) return val--; else return 0; } } } class NSDemo4 {
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When the transmitter is sending its 1004 Hz (ITU 820 or 1020 Hz) tone, the receiver invokes a very narrow notch filter to remove the tone prior to the noise measurement. The user must know enough about the circuit under test to determine if a tone is needed during noise measurements. At the time the standard was written, it specified and so named a quasi-RMS detector with characteristics that approximate a true RMS detector. Manufacturers that have implemented circuitry to meet these characteristics label their instruments as measuring QRMS noise. The North American and the ITU versions differ distinctly in the display of the noise level being measured. The ITU versions display the level in dBm consistently with the level measurement, except they usually provide sensitivity as great as 90 dBm. The North American standard created a new reference at 90 dBm and called it 0 dBrn. An instrument measuring a noise signal of level 0 dBm through a C-Message filter would, in a North American version, display 90 dBrn. It would be referred to as 90 dBrnC, with the C meaning the noise level was being made via the C-Message filter. The standards also provide for a noise-to-ground or unbalanced measurement, which is performed simply by paralleling the input of the twisted-pair cable and reading the level with respect to instrument ground. This gives a measure of the unbalance of the cable.
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3. Which of the following is a valid MAC address
Guaranteed Incentive Table
// Create and use some extension methods. using System; using System.Globalization; static class MyExtMeths { // Return the reciprocal of a double. public static double Reciprocal(this double v) { return 1.0 / v; } // Reverse the case of letters within a string and // return the result. public static string RevCase(this string str) { string temp = ""; foreach(char ch in str) { if(Char.IsLower(ch)) temp += Char.ToUpper(ch, CultureInfo.CurrentCulture); else temp += Char.ToLower(ch, CultureInfo.CurrentCulture); } return temp; } // Return the absolute value of n / d. public static double AbsDivideBy(this double n, double d) { return Math.Abs(n / d); } } class ExtDemo { static void Main() { double val = 8.0; string str = "Alpha Beta Gamma"; // Call the Reciprocal() extension method. Console.WriteLine("Reciprocal of {0} is {1}", val, val.Reciprocal()); // Call the RevCase() extension method. Console.WriteLine(str + " after reversing case is " + str.RevCase()); // Use AbsDivideBy(); Console.WriteLine("Result of val.AbsDivideBy(-2): " + val.AbsDivideBy(-2)); } }
Combining the different solutions in smart ways, however, can allow them to be used in different parts of the network where they can be put to best use. For example, if RSVP is used in one domain and DiffServ is used in another, then it is possible to map an RSVP service request (such as guaranteed service) to an appropriate DiffServ PHB (such as EF). Similarly, it might be possible to map a particular DiffServ behavior aggregate to an MPLS FEC at an MPLS edge router. Figure 8-33 gives one example of how different solutions might be combined.
// Add an indexer in an interface. using System; public interface ISeries { // An interface property. int Next { get; // return the next number in series set; // set next number } // An interface indexer. int this[int index] { get; // return the specified number in series } }
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